Thursday, January 19, 2017

Half Marathon Training for Beginners | 2 Secrets to BOOST Your Long Run

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How To PR Your Next Race

How To PR Your Next Race
by Scott Campbell

So you want to make a personal record in your next race, how do you do it? I have asked myself that question many times and have even implemented many of srategities but I still have yet to beat my best time in a half marathon. This time around when I run the Encinitas Half Marathon I am going to PR. Here are some some things I am going to do and you can too. 

The Goal Sub 2 Hours
Methods to Achieve it

Run More Miles

Yes that is a must. There is no way around it . The success of you finishing the half marathon is based on your aerobic capacity . The only tried and true method of doing that is running more period. Once you have established a longer running week then you can supplement some of that aerobic activity for different types of cardio work like stair climber, the elliptical or any other type of cross training. The goal is to get your heart rate up over 120 each session. 

Add Strides to Your Runs

Add some strides to some of your runs. What are strides in running? 
Strides are 20 to 35 second sprints at your mile race pace, or roughly 85 to 95% effort. Typically, they are assigned to a running schedule after an easy recovery run or before a big workout or race.
I find them very useful and will incorporate them into almost all my runs. 

Hill Training

Yes I had to add that one in there. It is not every one's favorite but it will add to your strength and speed. 

Push Your Lactose Threshold Pace

What is that? It is the time it takes for your blood to remove the lactic acid in your muscles.It is that pace where you can comfortably run at. You need to push that boundary. 
Tempo training is best for this as it gets your body used to operating at that level and practice improves that ability. 

Work on Your Race Pace

Get your pace dialed in. Figure out what you will need to run at to beat your PR and work towards running at that pace as long as possible. 

Strength Training

My favorite. After getting cleared from your doctor if you are over 50 then you must incorporate strength training into your workout regimen. I like weights but any kind of resistance training will work. You don't have to be an Arnold Swartzenegger you just have to build strength in proportion to yourself. 

Study the Course

Get to know where you will be running so you can use that knowledge to better your plan to PR. Go there and run parts of it if possible. Ride it on a bike or car. Look for the hills and places that you know will bog down your pace and work on those weaknesses. 


This is my own. I recommend this for anyone. It not only improves your running . It just about improves everything else in your life which indirectly improves your running. 

Happy Running