Sunday, December 18, 2016

5 Ways A Morning Run Will Change Your Life - Running Motivation

To all you morning runners out there I salute you . I aspire to be one myself!

Happy Running !

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Bone Broth Soup: Good for Runners?

Bone Broth Soup
good for runners?

The Runner's Journey is currently cooking up a batch of this stuff and thought it would be nice to share some info about this great stuff. Not only is BONE BROTH good for you it is also very frugal and conservative to do so. 

Read this short but brief article here from Runner's World.BONE BROTH

Started to run at age 60 Still running after 19 years

This is a great interview with a guy just like us who decided to make that lifestyle change and start running at age 60!

End of Week Training Reflections

End of Week Reflections
Scott Campbell

The soft open of the running season is underway. The weekly total of miles ran is a low 6 however I am not officially training for the race yet. These 6 miles that I completed this week were a shake out of the old body to see if I still had it or not. I appear to still be able to put one foot in front of the other.

take aways from week one
  • in better shape than thought
  • positive results from weight training
  • started running by chunks of time as opposed to miles
  • discovered bone broth

When I am running like this on the treadmill I strive to run in a controlled way with my focus on my form. Is my head held high like it is being pulled up by a string?Are my shoulders back?Do my lungs fill and exhale fully and with a good rhythm to my stride. I find inside running to be a perfect place to work on such things. As we age form is even more crucial for us to be conscious of as good form allows for us to avoid injury and keep running for years to come.

Happy Running!

How to Start Jogging After 50

Monday, December 12, 2016

Encinitas Half Marathon : Soft Open !

The Soft Open

I didn't do exactly as I planned in the off season for running. I wanted to keep my mileage up to at least 10 miles a week however I failed at doing so. What I didn't fail to do was keep hitting the gym. I started out every workout with some form of cardio but mostly it was an one mile run on the treadmill. Sometimes I'd feel really good and I would run a 9:30 mile , other times I would run much slower in the 11:00 minute pace. The goal for the summer off season was to drop fat and gain muscles and I was successful at that. I concentrated a lot on my legs. I am really into doing squats to build up muscles and also as a man , to keep the testosterone high. These are so important as we age. Building lean muscle mass at any age helps.You just have to go really slow depending on your physical condition and your level of lifting experience. 

Today was my " soft opening to the running season for me. I did a whopping two miles on the treadmill. I can definitely feel the lack of a cardio workout today as my lungs burned and I wanted to stop . I didn't and pushed through . I am glad I did because I ended up having a pretty good little run that lifted my spirits and made me hungry for some longer miles. 

I will follow up with a rest day tomorrow and another casual run on Wednesday. 

Once I flesh out my new training schedule for the next race I will post it so others can use it . 

Happy Running !

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Motivated to Run Powerful Motivational Video 2015

Post Election Blues

Post Election Blues

Merry Christmas and welcome back to The Runner's Journey 50 Plus.  That one hell of an election is over and for some, myself included, it is time to get back to our own lives and pursue our  dreams and goals. I am grateful to be here in the United States where I am free to chase those dreams. One of my upcoming goals for next year is to run more. I haven't ran but a few miles here and there since my last race back in May. The next one is The Encinitas Half Marathon. My goal ? To PR in this race. Check out the link and look at the fabulous vistas one gets while running this race. That in and of itself should inspire!. 

How can I PR in a half marathon over the age of 50? Well that's what I am going to find out. I have tried before and still haven't been able to get any faster. I always run out of energy and can't push it anymore at the end. I came close last time but it didn't happen. 

In the off season for running which is summer here in Southern California I worked out in the gym. The gym is an excellent resource for us over 50 and with the prices of some there is no excuse not to be a part of one. I worked on these goals in there.
  • lose weight I went form 210 to 186 currently. 
  • build muscle (important for the over 50 crowd)
  • worked on core
I also researched diet and nutrition all with the focus on a diet for an active 50 year old plus. I plan on sharing all my research in these pithy blog posts throughout this next training cycle. There is always something new in the physical and nutritional  sciences. We are so lucky to be aging in these times my fellow Genxers!

Happy Running!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Mid Summer Musings and Goals

The dog days of summer are here and the Runner's Journey has no running time in now for a couple of weeks. The weather has been hot and humid making running not high on the list of things wanting to be done. Still the sun is rising and setting at different spots on the horizon now and those early mornings have that fall like appearance to them even though the temperatures will reach into the 100s during the day. These changes also change my heart. The tone of light and the slight crispness in the early morning air bring back remembrances of runs long past. The desire to pound the pavement returns and the plotting for another race returns.

One must set a goal too for the next race. Mine will be to PR in a race I have ran many many times but yet set a personal record. That will be The Carlsbad Half Marathon.

Fall is now here get out and run with me!

Lactic Acid: What's the Deal?

Lactic Acid: What's The Deal 
Scott Campbell

"Feel the Burn"

What is it ?

Lactic acid is a compound that builds up in the muscles during intense exercise. It is what causes the muscles to burn and feel tired almost like they had suddenly become made of lead which makes  pushing through whatever task at hand  arduous. We as runners have all felt it whether in training or out in a race.

As we are working out our bodies by default use aerobic methods which means it uses oxygen for energy. When we are running really fast or lifting really heavy weights we need more energy faster than the body can deliver it. The body then switches from the aerobic method and starts to generate it anaerobically. The energy produced is called glucose through a process called glycolysis. That is when the glucose is broken down into a substance called pyrovate. That is one I had never heard of before so click on the hyperlink to get a full definition.

In normal exercise the body sends the pyrovate into aerobic pathways where it is broken down even more for energy. When the oxygen starts to get limited during harder workouts the body can temporarily convert the pyrovate into a substance called lactate. The lactate is what allows the body to breakdown the glucose even more producing the needed extra energy. The body can sustain that type of anaerobic energy production at a high rate for abut one to three minutes. This allows the lactate to build up to higher levels.

When the lactate levels get really high the muscles increase in acidity.This lowers the performance of the muscles. It seems odd that the body would make something that stops the muscles from working at their optimal levels however it is a natural defense and it causes us to stop  thus stopping any tissue damage that could be permanent.

Contrary to what I learned years ago  the lactic acid is not the cause for the muscles soreness one gets after a tough workout. That is a myth. I used to lie on the floor with my legs elevated to drain the lactic acid out of my legs so I would recover faster but that isn't what is going on. So I stopped. What the lactic acid actually does is make your muscles sore so that you will stop and recovery begins as well as the removal of lactic acid. In a nut shell the body slaps you down making you stop so it doesn't get injured and also so it can recover. 

sources Runner's World Runners World

Stephen M. Roth professor in the department of kinesiology.

Happy Running

Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Runner's Journey : The in Between Times

Stop and listening quietly. You know what that is? That is the sound of good recovery going on over here at The Runner's Journey. I am eyeing the new Encinitas Half Marathon as a goal for next year and the Silver Strand Half Marathon this year in the fall. In between that time The Journey is at the gym and on the plate working on keeping the muscles strong and new, plus fueling them with the best nutrients I can afford.

As a man over 50 I am well aware that I can no longer out run Father Time
or the Grim Reaper.
but like it says "Make him work for it" It is my believe that through a good, smart, active lifestyle , proper nutrients and good sleep one can fight back against both these Realities. In my reading I've learned much about free radicals and their role in aging. The short story is these free radicals are swirling through your body trying to destroy your good cells or damage them. When that happens the cells reproduces damaged and on the aging goes., What cleanses the body of free radicals? Antioxidants.Click there and ready about them. So taking anti-oxidants can and will slow down the aging process. Where does one find them? Here is a list of just some of the big sources. 
Top 10 High Antioxidant Foods List
    • 1) Goji berries.
    • 2) Wild blueberries. 
    • 3) Dark Chocolate. 
    • 4) Pecans. 
    • 5) Artichoke. 
    • 6) Elderberries. 
    • 7) Kidney Beans. 
    • 8) Cranberries. 
Those are a few foods. All berries and fruits are full of them. I make a post workout smoothie with blackberries,cherries,strawberries,blueberries,hemp seed protein, yogurt,blackberries and a banana. I might also put chia seeds in there. Those are their own separate subject. 
That is how I use anti-oxidants to fight back against the inevitable. Why fight? For me the answer is I want to be mobile in this world as long as possible and the only way to do that is take care of the machine now. 

This combined with  running and other active lifestyle changes are what I consider a good plan for longevity. It is never too late to start to stop the free radical damage. Live at your most optimal in the present moment where ever you are on your personal timeline because the future you will be so thankful that you did. 
Happy Running!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Runner's Journey : Post Race Blues

Post Race Blues

There is that period of time after a race that leaves one feeling a bit down and lost. When you combine that with being over fifty it is like you are in the middle of another mini life crisis. It can be a challenge to bring yourself back to normal life again. You have trained for so many weeks leading up to the race . So  much time and effort has been put into it. You have probably received some praise and attention during that time with people asking you how the training is going etc. Sometimes it can be negative attention too. A spouse telling you that too much of your time is spent passing through miles than taking care of your responsibilities at home. Then Race day comes and all the trials and tribulations that you underwent during training disappear. You are in the moment. You are on the start line . There are other racers all around you with that same look that you feel in their eyes. This is a runner's high infrequently talked about. This is Race day!

The peak of that high is the finish line. You are on top of the world and friends with everybody and the world that isn't making you move feels amazing. You have a true sense of the munchies too and can't wait to eat. It is then that you could slip into the Post Race Blues .

That's the end now what? 
  • sign up for another race if you haven't already at the expo?
  • swear off running forever?
  • curse yourself for ever getting involved with running?
  • sign up for a marathon?
  • move on to another item on the bucket list?
Yes to them all.
You are free . You just ran a fucking Half Marathon. You can do whatever you please now because you are part of the elite people who have ran one. I signed up for more races and did that for a couple years straight. It was an amazing fun journey and unless you are in a runner's club a solitary journey at that.

What is next on The Runner's Journey?
I have taken two weeks off pretty much having gone to the gym only a couple times since the race. My plans are no races till fall. I am not a fan of training in the summer and once the temps start hitting the 90s it is inside stuff for me. So I am going to concentrate on strength training with weights. I am going to combine that with a clean healthy diet and come into the next training cycle ready and strong. Running has and will make The Journey after 50 the best one yet!
Happy Running!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Runner's Journey: The Finish Line

The Finish Line
By Scott Campbell

The long ten weeks of training finally came to a head on May 22, 2016. After the long trek from San Diego County to Santa Cruz we were faced with 13.1 miles . That challenge and all the faults within us lay ahead. 
This was the first out of town half marathon for This Runner's Journey. The lack of sleep because of the long drive wasn't anticipated and the results of that completely ignored.It showed in the time. A 2:14 was the official finish time for that race. It was four minutes slower than the personal record however I have zero regrets. I can PR another race. This was indeed an adventure on a grand scale. It not only took us along 13.1 miles of beautiful California coast line but also on a trek down the historic Highway 1 and through the breadbasket of this state and a lot of this nation , The San Jauqin Valley. I can't leave of of course the City of Santa Cruz, The Holy Cross and The ancestral lands of the Awaswas tribe. That city is in and of itself an adventure that we merely scratched the surface of and will deserve a separate trip just to explore. It is is the scene of a couple of famous 80s movies, The Lost Boys and Sudden Impact. 

The morning of the race was a cool 48 degrees with clear sunny skies. It wasn't like any start of a race I have experienced. The first thing I noticed was there was no loud announcer coming through the speakers rousing the waiting runners like an old time preacher.  there were only  runners stretching and chatting amongst themselves.  We were too cold so we joined the crowd of runners and chatted amongst ourselves. 
As we prayed for the sun to rise faster an announcer broke the silence . He was announcing the race. He did a " who is running their first half marathon" and I think I might have heard a gun .We were off!

I did something that I have never done intentionally this race. I ran without my own running app. I went by the race clock. I felt the first half was quite fast and around six miles I regretted not knowing my pace but at the same time it was rather refreshing just to be running for running's sake but back in my mind I wanted to know ! 
The race course is flat for the most part and hugged the California coastline. At 6.5 miles it descends into Capitola which is a quaint little town . According to what I read it boast to be the oldest resort village on the West Coast.  There is a loop through the village then back up the hill towards Santa Cruz.  The hill was moderate and I just ate it up for my morning breakfast.  The faster you go up a hill the sooner it is over.  That is my philosophy. The way back was just me pulling into the training and pushing onward to the finish line where I finished at 2:14 which was not a PR for me.  I would have needed a 2:10 for that just to tie it.  I blame the long drive and lack of sleep for that . Runners always have a reason for everything that doesn't go as planned.  
The one funny thing that happened was that they moved the finish line down to the beach so when we rounded that last bend it wasn't there as expected.There was no announcer yelling off people's names as they crossed the finish line so we had no idea if we were close or even where it was at that moment. We finally heard some cheering and knew we were there.We crossed the finish line daughter and father as we have done many times before and there is nothing in the world like that feeling. 
Happy Running!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Runner's Journey: Taper Week!

Taper Week
Taper week has finally arrived and I can feel the energy building and the butterflies are already flying in my stomach. This week the mile decrease leading up to the Race Day.Yesterday was a 2 miler , the mid-week run is only a fiver with a 2 miler the day before the race. I need to just contain the energy and focus on the run strategy . 
Happy Running!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Runner's Journey: Sick Time

Running sick used to be nothing to me. I would just do it as the Nike commercial says. Well those day are over. I find the risk to reward ratio to be more slanted towards injury and never being able to run again category rather than the I am tough and can do anything category .
I don't want to be sicker for race time and I really don't want me to be out there and push myself too hard in training where I would have to give up this sport. The benefits of this sport to myself is way too important than my damn macho side that says " get out there you wuss". I know Ill be fine and if anything I would rather use that macho attitude to push me through the race. Now if I get injured in the race that will be a battle wound that  can be yarned into a story for years to come. Who cares about a training for a race injury? No one. there is no glory there. So I sit out yet another run to heal one week from today, at this time I will be crossing the finish line and must keep that thought in the forefront of my mind today as I sit out. a wuss.
Happy Running!

Friday, May 13, 2016

What Happens When You Get Sick in Training

Getting sick while training is a real drag. I have had it happen before and it is happening right now. I feel a low grade fever , achy all over and low energy. I had an 8 mile scheduled yesterday but only made it through 4. It is worrisome this close to race day but as it has happened before I know I will be ok.
Here is what I do

  • rest as much as possible
  • drink more fluids than normal
  • take whatever you can to shorten the time sick
  • keep resting
  • run if you must but run less
  • keep the spirits up
Getting sick while training can be demoralizing but rest assured it will pass. What happens if you are still sick on race day? Well that depends on you and how well you know your body and how much the race really means to you .
here is an article from Runner's World about running while sick.
Happy Running!

Morning Running Meme

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

The 10 Miler!

I think that once you run 10 miles you can truly call yourself a long distance runner. That is a really long  way. Just kick back in your chair and think what is within ten miles of your current location. If you are so inclined bust out the cell phone and see what is out there. It's far.It would take a good chunk of the day to walk it, driving it at least 10 minutes but could be more and now imagine running to those places that are ten miles away. Far. If you have ran 10 miles before welcome to the long distance runner's club and to those who haven't keep getting out there a 10 miler is very attainable with dedication and practise. 
On Sunday my ten miler came up. I decided to run it at Miramar Lake. I love running there. When training for the Full Marathon that is where all the long runs were completed. It is exactly 5 miles around so it is easy to keep track. On Sunday I only had to run around the lake 2 TIMES!  
Here are the run details
It was an excellent run . I felt strong . Seeing all the other runners there doing their own long runs was definitely a big boost to making this one of my best and favorite ten milers. It also brought out my competitive side. I chose a few people to try and pass or keep up with. That kind of running is the closest to the race you will get in training. So if you have a place around you that you know runners go to run try making that your next place to run. You might get a personal best out of it.That marks the end the build up of mileage. The next longest will be the half marathon itself.! I am still facing an 8 mile run tomorrow and a 9 mile on Sunday but since I have been there done that so  I have no doubt the results of these next runs.Good luck to you all out there training and if you have a race this weekend, Run Hard and True!
Happy Running!

Morning Running Meme

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Morning Inspirational Running Video

Today The Runner's Journey is battling to not put off this very important training run. It is 10 miles!! I found this very inspirational video check it out.
it is worth the watch.

Happy Running!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Runner's Journey:Mid-Week Sixer/video

Feeling the Burn 

You start out a run in the mind. You think about it all day imagining what you are going to do, how fast you are going to run and how awesome it is all going to be. Then comes the moment of the run and you take your first stride, the music starts and the run is on! When the second stride hits the ground you realize "this isn't going to be a piece of cake". That is how the mid-week run turned out to be. 

There was no mind, body spirit connection. In my mind I felt like the scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz legs flaying about , arms swinging goofily and the mind checked out till next Sunday. That Sunday holds the grand daddy of this Half Marathon Training Schedule a 10 miler. 

I took some video of this weeks six miler so you could come along with me. You can view it here on youtube. Just click and watchSix Mile Run Video. Don't forget to click the video! It is amateurish but was fun to make .
Happy Running!

Friday, May 6, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner Pt 3

The Drinker vs The Runner

      It went like that for a few years with The Drinker taking the lead and winning and then The Runner would do the same. It was not an easy thing to go through. I was unfamiliar with change and also how change went down. I was experiencing it first hand and I was resisting it. It was in April of 2010 that it all came to a critical mass. I had joined a team of much younger runners to participate in The Ragnar RelayRace SoCal. This was unlike any race I have ever been in. It was 12 people , two vans and 200 miles. It was named after Ragnar of Norse history. In those days drinking was part of that race and we did. It was a drinking and running weekend. I ran hung over after partying the night before the race . We drank during the race and after the race. I was completely wiped out after that race. 
The team was Hairforce.You can see our video here:
It was a fun time and it was the turning point in The Runner's Revolution that was going on inside. The Drinker was on the ropes. Later that year on August 3 The Runner landed the knockout punch to The Drinker. To celebrate, The Runner ran the following Races:

It culminated at The Carlsbad Full Marathon where on the finish line I was to preside over my son's marriage. They both ran the half marathon together. It was an amazing I will never forget. Guess what? Running made all that happen and more.
Today I am just The Runner.

read the other two installments of this article here

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another Running Hero !

Running Hero  is exactly what this guy is.  He gives me hope that I can be this when I am his age.  This gave me the inspiration to get out and run these scheduled 6 miles.

Running Inspiration

Today is a 6 miler in the Runner's Journey to the Half marathon!
Happy Running

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Week 9 of Half Marathon Training.

Yesterday was a 2 miler on the treadmill. I felt strong and ran it at a 9;34 pace. It was fun and fast! This week culminates in a 10 miler on Sunday and then begins the blessed taper when the miles decrease but the energy builds until it is unleashed on Raceday!
Happy Running!
Get out there and do it!

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner Pt2

The Drinker vs The Runner
by Scott Campbell

      After that 10 Miler The Runner retreated and The Drinker ran rampant through my mind destroying that relationship and others. I remarried and The Drinker was happy. One night while drinking at the Country Club Bar where I lived I had my wife come and pick me up . I was way too drunk to drive. I decided I was going to run through the wooded pathways instead . I proceeded to run across the road towards the trail, tripped over the median crashing and sliding onto the other lane. I lied there feeling no pain but felt blood dripping out of me . I turned and saw oncoming headlights. " fuck " I thought.
      I did survive that night and others. One thing about  that night is what my wife said to me. She said I wasn't a runner and I was all talk. She awakened The Runner from his slumber. This time it was The Revolution that started inside me. The Runner was about to take the driver's seat but it would be a few years before he could turn the tide and repair the damage of The Drinker.

If you missed Part One click here The Drinker vs The Runner
I do not advocate drunk running . I found this online and thought it funny. I could have founded that club.

More to come

Happy Running!

Slaying the 9 Miler

Slaying the 9
by Scott Campbell

Again and again it is only a battle between my mind and body. It is the conscious mind that doesn't seem to want to do anything. The tactic,suit up and show up ,works every time for me. I ran in beautiful Kit Carson Park. I ran on almost all the different surfaces one could be faced with too, such as GRASS,ASPHALT and CONCRETE.

The first mile was rough or shall I say it sucked. That is what I have read from other running blogs and I must say I agree however things smoothed out and by the time my app told me I was on mile 2 things were flowing. There was a feeling of all parts of my body working together and for the first time ever as a runner I felt that I was being taken for a ride by a strong and powerful animal. That I was just sitting back observing while this beast took me up hills and over bridges. I really liked that feeling. There were many bridges on this run which I found symbolic to the bridges we all have to cross in life but even more important the bridges we build in life. I like those so much better. NEVER burn a bridge.

I got to run across a log! 
Here is another crossing.  

I had an incredible run that boosted my confidence that I can run this half marathon. I needed that run and now look forward to the rest of the runs scheduled for this week. The Runner's Journey's training has a 10 miler at the end of it this week. The strength is there, the mind is on board and the spirit is ready to run free as it should! Good news is that this run was better than a run logged in three years ago for the same distance. Fitness can be maintain I realize. I am afraid that at our ages though if you don't use it soon we will lose it . Run , walk and crawl if need be just KEEP MOVING!
Happy Running!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

The Runner's Journey:Facing 9 miles

Facing a 9 Mile Run 

This morning the Runner's Journey is staring down a 9 miler. It has been years since the last one. I am awaiting coffee, some fuel from oatmeal and a little ambition to get me going. I don't know why I am so resistant to change. I know I will feel on top of the world after this run but it is the discipline to get out the door that escapes me at times. Today's run will be in Kit Carson Park. It is 6:30 A.M. The birds are chirping the new day begins. 

Health Benefit of Running

Here is a list of Health Benefits to Running that I have found and also experienced for myself. 

  • helps to build strong bones (essential as you age)
  • help maintain a healthy weight
  • burn kajillians of calories 
  • helps to change bad habits 
  • catalyst for massive personal growth
  • lowers blood pressure 
  • helps to get off anti-depressants
  • prevents disease
  • relieve stress
  • can eliminate depression
  • self confidence
  • evidence that runners do not get Alzheimer's compared to non runners
  • sleep better
These are some of the main ones I could find. I have experienced many such as self confidence,sleep better,eliminate depression,catalyst for personal growth,lower blood pressure and getting off anti-depressants. 

Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner

The Drinker vs The Runner
by Scott Campbell

      In 1998 I found myself single again with two children that depended on me and an ex wife. I was 32 and everything I thought  was going to happen in the future suddenly wasn't going to happen. At least not the way I imagined it would. I was a drinker at that time. A rather heavy one too. I was not a runner yet. That was to awaken soon. 
      In the beginning of 1999 I got a DUI. I decided to change. It was then the Runner awakened. I decided to turn my bad luck into a catalyst for change. I was going to become a Runner! I lived down in Mission Valley at the time, right next to The San Diego River. A beautiful bike path went all through the valley right along the river. It was going to be perfect,I thought. 

 It was perfect except I could only run a 1/2 mile at the time and would walk back from my run sometimes with a cigarette lit and smoked. I would also wash the run down with a good 12 pack . The Runner was losing that battle but once awakened The Runner refused to sleep and never admitted defeat to The Drinker.
      I drifted for a couple years with The Drinker still in the driver's seat. It wasn't until the year 2001 that I felt The Runner stir deep within me. He had been waiting and planning his return. Patiently letting The Drinker do his damage. I was living with a girlfriend at the time and she brought a treadmill along with her. The Runner saw this as a sign to return from my subconsciousness where it had been working on the real changes that would come. I decided to begin a running plan using the treadmill as my training ground. I was really embarrassed to be seen running . I am not an out of shape man and I wasn't then but ....I could not run.....and I felt like I was too old to be starting this sport. I WAS ONLY 35!!!!!
      I started with my half mile on there. I then added another half mile. After a few weeks I could run a whole mile without stopping so I decided to take that show outside and let the world see this new runner. During that time I didn't search the Internet about running, I didn't read books about running and I didn't have any running friends but one. So I naturally or instinctively began adding miles until I came to a pivotal day. I was going to run 10 miles and I did. I can still remember the feeling of having to push myself. I can feel the heaviness in my legs the burning of my lungs and I can still feel the joy and pride I felt as I came to the end of what became a legendary run in my story as The Runner 

That was how I felt. The Runner had won those battle to 10 miles but The Drinker wasn't going down without a fight. The problem with The Drinker was he thought it acceptable to destroy everything before he lost the war. 
Come Back Soon 
The Drinker vs The Runner will continue

Happy Running!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Running Meme

Week 7 of the Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

Week 7 of the Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

Well once again it wasn't my body that was really rebelling against the run it was my brain. As soon as I hit the trail I was flowing. My body knows what to do and from now on I need to remember that.

It began well with a host of butterflies , bunny rabbits, quail and doves all around. A bunny actually ran along for awhile on the trail in front. The connection to the trail, the sky and everything around took over fast. The mind was allowed to check out and the body took over. I contemplated the miracle it is that I suck in this invisible substance(air) and it provides me the ability to fuel my muscles to run.

I worked on a couple of focuses while I ran.
  • breathing
I would breath in deeply from my nose allowing my lungs to fill . I focus on just that and then exhale slowly and deeply allowing my lungs to empty completely. I imagined the oxygen being stripped from each breath by my lungs and sending it to my muscles over and over. It is a miraculous thing.

  •  posture
I worked on this also. I was focused on making sure my foot landing was more mid foot rather than heel. I focused on my chest making sure it was pushed out as if pulled by a string. This allows for the rib cage to open up and the lungs to hang freely like balloons. I also was aware of my head position.I try to keep a nice straight alignment . I dread developing slouchy running habits that could over time injure me.
As you can see the landscape was very inspiring as well. 
Thank you to those who take the time to read this.
Happy Running

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Runner's Journey: Needs Inspiration

Today in Week 7 I find myself in a low point on The Runner's Journey. I am facing a 6 mile run today . I do not feel it. I have reread many of my own posts. I have read the posts of other runners and I still do not want to go outside and run. It is a place where all runners reside at one time or another. my body is sore, I am tired from a long week at work and yep the best one of them all,it is cold out there. I sit here at my desk suited up. I even have my headphones on. I have to go......I have to run......I can do this!
Today the mind is ready but the body is not. Stay tuned for the results and a description of how I made it through this six miler on Week 7 of The Runner's Journey . 

Happy Running!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 6 of Training Recap:Running Together

Week 6 Running with my Daughter

Last Sunday was week six of training for the Surfer's Path Half Marathon. It was a good week of training. I trained a little hard on Tuesday which was a rest day from running. Instead of  taking the rest day  I opted for a kettle ball core workout that left me really sore and struggling a bit on my long run midweek.  I compensated by not running my short run on Saturday. I took that as a true day of rest form running and cross training. It paid off!

Sunday was a special run as I did it with my daughter who is also training for the same race. We decided to try and run a few of our long runs together before the race. I couldn't wait. We have trained for races before together but it had been awhile . Our training took place at the famous Silver Strand. As you can see it is a designated trail for runners,walkers, roller blades and bikes. It as asphalt so it is easier on the body. It is a beautiful section of road that connects Coronado with Imperial Beach and goes right next to the famous Amphib Base where Navy SEALS undergo their training.
We stretch and began out 8 miler together. We talked about all sorts of father daughter things and I couldn't have been in a happier place. The miles went by fast and I felt strong with all the parts working in snyc today.

There are some of my splits for the run. I wasn't disappointed at all with my 8 miles. I am really starting to believe I can finish this race.

We finished in style with a better appreciation for running , the city we live in and ourselves. I call this type of run the magic run because doing something like this as a family is a magical thing.

Run Stats

Time: 1:28
Pace: 11'05"
Calories Burned: 1201

Take away from this run:

  • running with someone is good
  • cross training works to improve the run 
  • it is ok to customize your training schedule 
  • father and daughter time:Priceless

Happy Running !