Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

The 10 Miler!

I think that once you run 10 miles you can truly call yourself a long distance runner. That is a really long  way. Just kick back in your chair and think what is within ten miles of your current location. If you are so inclined bust out the cell phone and see what is out there. It's far.It would take a good chunk of the day to walk it, driving it at least 10 minutes but could be more and now imagine running to those places that are ten miles away. Far. If you have ran 10 miles before welcome to the long distance runner's club and to those who haven't keep getting out there a 10 miler is very attainable with dedication and practise. 
On Sunday my ten miler came up. I decided to run it at Miramar Lake. I love running there. When training for the Full Marathon that is where all the long runs were completed. It is exactly 5 miles around so it is easy to keep track. On Sunday I only had to run around the lake 2 TIMES!  
Here are the run details
It was an excellent run . I felt strong . Seeing all the other runners there doing their own long runs was definitely a big boost to making this one of my best and favorite ten milers. It also brought out my competitive side. I chose a few people to try and pass or keep up with. That kind of running is the closest to the race you will get in training. So if you have a place around you that you know runners go to run try making that your next place to run. You might get a personal best out of it.That marks the end the build up of mileage. The next longest will be the half marathon itself.! I am still facing an 8 mile run tomorrow and a 9 mile on Sunday but since I have been there done that so  I have no doubt the results of these next runs.Good luck to you all out there training and if you have a race this weekend, Run Hard and True!
Happy Running!

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