Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Runner's Journey:Mid-Week Sixer/video

Feeling the Burn 

You start out a run in the mind. You think about it all day imagining what you are going to do, how fast you are going to run and how awesome it is all going to be. Then comes the moment of the run and you take your first stride, the music starts and the run is on! When the second stride hits the ground you realize "this isn't going to be a piece of cake". That is how the mid-week run turned out to be. 

There was no mind, body spirit connection. In my mind I felt like the scarecrow on The Wizard of Oz legs flaying about , arms swinging goofily and the mind checked out till next Sunday. That Sunday holds the grand daddy of this Half Marathon Training Schedule a 10 miler. 

I took some video of this weeks six miler so you could come along with me. You can view it here on youtube. Just click and watchSix Mile Run Video. Don't forget to click the video! It is amateurish but was fun to make .
Happy Running!

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