Friday, May 6, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner Pt 3

The Drinker vs The Runner

      It went like that for a few years with The Drinker taking the lead and winning and then The Runner would do the same. It was not an easy thing to go through. I was unfamiliar with change and also how change went down. I was experiencing it first hand and I was resisting it. It was in April of 2010 that it all came to a critical mass. I had joined a team of much younger runners to participate in The Ragnar RelayRace SoCal. This was unlike any race I have ever been in. It was 12 people , two vans and 200 miles. It was named after Ragnar of Norse history. In those days drinking was part of that race and we did. It was a drinking and running weekend. I ran hung over after partying the night before the race . We drank during the race and after the race. I was completely wiped out after that race. 
The team was Hairforce.You can see our video here:
It was a fun time and it was the turning point in The Runner's Revolution that was going on inside. The Drinker was on the ropes. Later that year on August 3 The Runner landed the knockout punch to The Drinker. To celebrate, The Runner ran the following Races:

It culminated at The Carlsbad Full Marathon where on the finish line I was to preside over my son's marriage. They both ran the half marathon together. It was an amazing I will never forget. Guess what? Running made all that happen and more.
Today I am just The Runner.

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