Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Runner's Journey: Sick Time

Running sick used to be nothing to me. I would just do it as the Nike commercial says. Well those day are over. I find the risk to reward ratio to be more slanted towards injury and never being able to run again category rather than the I am tough and can do anything category .
I don't want to be sicker for race time and I really don't want me to be out there and push myself too hard in training where I would have to give up this sport. The benefits of this sport to myself is way too important than my damn macho side that says " get out there you wuss". I know Ill be fine and if anything I would rather use that macho attitude to push me through the race. Now if I get injured in the race that will be a battle wound that  can be yarned into a story for years to come. Who cares about a training for a race injury? No one. there is no glory there. So I sit out yet another run to heal one week from today, at this time I will be crossing the finish line and must keep that thought in the forefront of my mind today as I sit out. a wuss.
Happy Running!

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