Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner

The Drinker vs The Runner
by Scott Campbell

      In 1998 I found myself single again with two children that depended on me and an ex wife. I was 32 and everything I thought  was going to happen in the future suddenly wasn't going to happen. At least not the way I imagined it would. I was a drinker at that time. A rather heavy one too. I was not a runner yet. That was to awaken soon. 
      In the beginning of 1999 I got a DUI. I decided to change. It was then the Runner awakened. I decided to turn my bad luck into a catalyst for change. I was going to become a Runner! I lived down in Mission Valley at the time, right next to The San Diego River. A beautiful bike path went all through the valley right along the river. It was going to be perfect,I thought. 

 It was perfect except I could only run a 1/2 mile at the time and would walk back from my run sometimes with a cigarette lit and smoked. I would also wash the run down with a good 12 pack . The Runner was losing that battle but once awakened The Runner refused to sleep and never admitted defeat to The Drinker.
      I drifted for a couple years with The Drinker still in the driver's seat. It wasn't until the year 2001 that I felt The Runner stir deep within me. He had been waiting and planning his return. Patiently letting The Drinker do his damage. I was living with a girlfriend at the time and she brought a treadmill along with her. The Runner saw this as a sign to return from my subconsciousness where it had been working on the real changes that would come. I decided to begin a running plan using the treadmill as my training ground. I was really embarrassed to be seen running . I am not an out of shape man and I wasn't then but ....I could not run.....and I felt like I was too old to be starting this sport. I WAS ONLY 35!!!!!
      I started with my half mile on there. I then added another half mile. After a few weeks I could run a whole mile without stopping so I decided to take that show outside and let the world see this new runner. During that time I didn't search the Internet about running, I didn't read books about running and I didn't have any running friends but one. So I naturally or instinctively began adding miles until I came to a pivotal day. I was going to run 10 miles and I did. I can still remember the feeling of having to push myself. I can feel the heaviness in my legs the burning of my lungs and I can still feel the joy and pride I felt as I came to the end of what became a legendary run in my story as The Runner 

That was how I felt. The Runner had won those battle to 10 miles but The Drinker wasn't going down without a fight. The problem with The Drinker was he thought it acceptable to destroy everything before he lost the war. 
Come Back Soon 
The Drinker vs The Runner will continue

Happy Running!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Running Meme

Week 7 of the Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

Week 7 of the Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

Well once again it wasn't my body that was really rebelling against the run it was my brain. As soon as I hit the trail I was flowing. My body knows what to do and from now on I need to remember that.

It began well with a host of butterflies , bunny rabbits, quail and doves all around. A bunny actually ran along for awhile on the trail in front. The connection to the trail, the sky and everything around took over fast. The mind was allowed to check out and the body took over. I contemplated the miracle it is that I suck in this invisible substance(air) and it provides me the ability to fuel my muscles to run.

I worked on a couple of focuses while I ran.
  • breathing
I would breath in deeply from my nose allowing my lungs to fill . I focus on just that and then exhale slowly and deeply allowing my lungs to empty completely. I imagined the oxygen being stripped from each breath by my lungs and sending it to my muscles over and over. It is a miraculous thing.

  •  posture
I worked on this also. I was focused on making sure my foot landing was more mid foot rather than heel. I focused on my chest making sure it was pushed out as if pulled by a string. This allows for the rib cage to open up and the lungs to hang freely like balloons. I also was aware of my head position.I try to keep a nice straight alignment . I dread developing slouchy running habits that could over time injure me.
As you can see the landscape was very inspiring as well. 
Thank you to those who take the time to read this.
Happy Running

Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Runner's Journey: Needs Inspiration

Today in Week 7 I find myself in a low point on The Runner's Journey. I am facing a 6 mile run today . I do not feel it. I have reread many of my own posts. I have read the posts of other runners and I still do not want to go outside and run. It is a place where all runners reside at one time or another. my body is sore, I am tired from a long week at work and yep the best one of them all,it is cold out there. I sit here at my desk suited up. I even have my headphones on. I have to go......I have to run......I can do this!
Today the mind is ready but the body is not. Stay tuned for the results and a description of how I made it through this six miler on Week 7 of The Runner's Journey . 

Happy Running!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 6 of Training Recap:Running Together

Week 6 Running with my Daughter

Last Sunday was week six of training for the Surfer's Path Half Marathon. It was a good week of training. I trained a little hard on Tuesday which was a rest day from running. Instead of  taking the rest day  I opted for a kettle ball core workout that left me really sore and struggling a bit on my long run midweek.  I compensated by not running my short run on Saturday. I took that as a true day of rest form running and cross training. It paid off!

Sunday was a special run as I did it with my daughter who is also training for the same race. We decided to try and run a few of our long runs together before the race. I couldn't wait. We have trained for races before together but it had been awhile . Our training took place at the famous Silver Strand. As you can see it is a designated trail for runners,walkers, roller blades and bikes. It as asphalt so it is easier on the body. It is a beautiful section of road that connects Coronado with Imperial Beach and goes right next to the famous Amphib Base where Navy SEALS undergo their training.
We stretch and began out 8 miler together. We talked about all sorts of father daughter things and I couldn't have been in a happier place. The miles went by fast and I felt strong with all the parts working in snyc today.

There are some of my splits for the run. I wasn't disappointed at all with my 8 miles. I am really starting to believe I can finish this race.

We finished in style with a better appreciation for running , the city we live in and ourselves. I call this type of run the magic run because doing something like this as a family is a magical thing.

Run Stats

Time: 1:28
Pace: 11'05"
Calories Burned: 1201

Take away from this run:

  • running with someone is good
  • cross training works to improve the run 
  • it is ok to customize your training schedule 
  • father and daughter time:Priceless

Happy Running !

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Running Motivational Meme

The Runner's Journey Week 6 of Training

The Beach Run 
It was a Thursday afternoon after a long day of work and my schedule said 7 miles. The temperature inland was 85 so I decided to go down to the beach in Cardiff,Ca. According to my thermometer it was only 73 down there so away I went .

I was going to be running part of the route for the Carlsbad Marathon and Half of which I have ran several times. It is one of my favorite routes.

Now I didn't have a good week as far as caring for myself. I missed some sleep fro having to get up early to see a son off on Westpac. He is in the Navy. Then I had to work extra hard at work to catch up . The different hours also messed with my fueling this week. I ate less clean to put it bluntly. I also did leg work on Tuesday thinking I could be rested and recovered by Thursday . I wasn't.

It wasn't a bad run but I could feel the lack of rest and my hectic week take its toll .I was sore and under fueled. My time was about 15 seconds faster pace wise in comparison to my last 7 so I have to smile and be happy with that.
As you can see the day was amazing also. This Sunday I have 8 miles to run . I am working today which is Saturday. I am supposed to be running 2 miles today but will forgo that as I still need that rest and recovery. I believe it is the sign of aging that I am unable to just keep going regardless of rest. I plan on running the rest of my life so skipping a two miler in favor of a beautiful 8 mile long run sounds like a good choice.

Does anyone have similar experience.

Happy Running

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 5 Wrap up of the Runner's Journey

It was another city this morning. I ran four miles . The big ole stats for this beauty are :

  • total time 43:17
  • pace:10'48"
  • 600 calories burned!!!!!
In comparison with the last time I ran 4 miles

  • total time 49:48
  • pace:12'26"
  • 583 calories burned!!
There is improvement there and that motivates me . I can see the results of my efforts and that propels me to increase my training even more. I have evaluated this weeks affects on my body and think I can push it more in this next 5 weeks of training. The credit for the improvement in my opinion can be given to a new focus, mind in alignment, core training, continued weight training on off days , muscle memory and a new balance between my mind , body and spirit. 
Today I felt that same meditative feeling while I ran. I felt fluid. I had that deeper reservoir of extra strength I knew I could tap if I wanted to. It was an excellent run that complimented a very excellent and productive week of training for the half marathon.

Happy Running

Kevin Hart inspired by Running

Kevin Hart     not only is he funny.  Click and watch Kwvin Hart humbly ask for running tips from us Marathoners !

Running Ispiration

Father and son running team

This never fails to pump me up and tear up at the same time.

The Runner's Journey: Week 5

Yes we do wake up early. Here I am at the conclusion of Week 5. It was a good running week so far with every run stronger than the next.
So far it looks like this.
Tuesday : 4 miles on the treadmill

Thursday: 3 miles trail

Saturday : 3 miles treadmill

Today ( Sunday) : I will be running four miles shortly. 

I awoke early at 5:30 and the first thought that came to mind other than " fuck it is early" was " I am running today." I felt excited and ready. There was very little rebellion from the body or mind . Training pays off.

The morning regimen is as follows for those who want an inside look into the Runner's Journey.

I stumbled to the kitchen and made a big pot of coffee and drank a glass of room temperature water with Himalayan salt and a little of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in it. I then proceeded into my office where I did a 15 minute meditation. I am in a self improvement push lately where the focus is inner work. It was recommended for me to do at least 10 minutes of mediation a day. I am up to 15 now. After that I made breakfast of two eggs and that delicious dark brew.

I am taking Opti-Men which is a daily supplement. I highly recommend it for a mature male runner. It boosts the testosterone. I feel the difference which is more natural energy and other benefits(nudge nudge wink wink).
That's about it for my Sunday Morning running ritual. I am off to suit up and show up. I hope the rest follows.

to be continued ...........

Happy Running!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Aging Runner

For whatever reason you are a mature adult 50 Plus and you decide to become a runner. The reasons can be endless but we can take a look at just a few can't we?

  • health
  • Socializing
  • challenge
  • midlife crisis
  • adventure
  • lost a bet
Those are a few and I welcome anymore into the comment field. Oh I forgot one crazy. 
Here is a nice Meme with more
Whatever your reasons I am going to begin a new series on all aspects of that decision to become a runner. The why? and the how? The benefits and the disadvantages. The glory and the despair. Myself. I now plan to run to the day I die. I will find a way to run one way or the other as I age. The first part I will be researching and delivering here for all of you to consume at your leisure will be on the subject of :HEALTH and how running specifically helps us as we get older. 

Happy Running !!

Running Inspirational Quote

“Age brings problems; it also brings solutions. For every disadvantage there is an advantage. For every measurable loss there is an immeasurable gain.”
George Sheehan
“Personal Best” 1989

Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 4 :1st Transcending Run

 Week 4
I made it through week 4 which can be the hardest week for some. It was for me that is for sure. Here is a recap of how things happened.

I ran my small run no problem however the schedule threw in a six miler on Thursday. It was in the rain and it was hard with me walking some parts of the trail. Then I came to Sunday . The longest mileage in about two years! I was laying on my bed in the depths of talking myself out of it and curling up for a nap . It was a rainy Sunday too so that wasn't a bad option. I thought about 7 miles. I thought about how long it was going to be. I thought how cold it would be. I thought how much it would hurt. I didn't want to go. Then I thought about all my readers who rely on me for inspiration.(insert sarcasm there). I got up and suited up. Once I had my stuff on I was feeling a bit better about running. I remembered reading and writing about how just getting out the door is like 90 percent of the run. Well when you don't want to run that saying doesn't work well. I rebelled against it but I did it anyway. I walked to my truck got in and realized " I am doing this and it isn't going to be pretty"

Well the run was my  best run for this training schedule. I had a pop in my gait and I felt a deep reservoir of strength I knew I could rely on. It was indeed hard not to press a bit faster to see if I could propel my training into another level. I was able to resist knowing that if I kept a nice strong consistent pace my training would benefit even more. I was able to and the run became amazing. It had all the elements in it that every run should. I felt one with the trail and the air blowing around me. I belonged right there at that moment. It was a transcending run.My consciousness seemed to drop from my brain and inhabit my body on a deeper level. I was able to hear my body better like that. I felt close to it. I was able to encourage my muscles that way with an awareness and a gratitude and they responded by carrying me along. Mind, body and spirit were working together and it was beautiful.
That's why I run. Why do you ?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

In Need of Running Inspiration

         “If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now.  Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.” - Priscialla Welch, Olympian & NYC Marathon winner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 It is week 4 of training and I can't get motivated for my 7 mile run I have today. I know I have to get out there and do it but it will take a lot of effort to get me there. I feel like I am a very first time runner today with no experience . I swear most of running is mental. Here is what I am going to do to try and get motivated.
  • write in the blog
  • read and do some stretches out of my stretching book.
  • read about running
  • read other running blogs
  • look at Runner's World magazine.
  • think about all readers out there who need me to run this 
LOL! I hope it works.

Happy Running

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Journey : Running in the Rain Week 4

Week Four

It was a rainy day in San Diego .  I had the privilege of running 6 miles today but before I go into that run I will recap the beginning of the week. This week I ran my two miles in the gym. It was an easy run. Yesterday I went into the gym again for some core training. I am all about the core lately after reading about it's importance. I warmed up on a rowing machine which I have ever used before. I had to ask how to use it . I am so glad I did as it is now going to be my low impact machine. I was at the tail end of my workout when I got a call from a client. I left the gym and drove to the job site. It was a mess and I was there until sundown. This is a classic example of how one must be able to flex in his or her training schedule. My wife was out of town so I had no one to rely on to have dinner ready for me when I got back so I ended up just drinking my smoothie. 

This led to a tired underfed runner today. Add rain and this was the perfectly challenging day. I got rained out at work so decided to go running in the rain. I am glad I did . Running in the rain has some benefits. It is cooler and there is no one around. It was a peaceful slow run. I ran enjoying  nature and enjoying the benefit of the run on my body. 
I am still struggling with keeping myself held back. I want to run faster than my body can go right now. My mind remembers running faster but I know I won't be able to until I put in the time. 

Happy Running

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Motivational Running Quote

"Good things come slow, especially in distance running.” – Bill Dellinger

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


 That about says it all. Today on the training schedule for my half marathon I had a 2 miler to do. I again chose the treadmill and did a nice solid easy run. I had a 10:20 pace which is an improvement over the last weeks. I like seeing that feedback from my body. It is almost like it is giving me the green light to go a little harder. I think my body is enjoying  being back on the run. I also followed it up with big muscle group workouts like chest, shoulders, hamstring and triceps. This time around in training I don't want to just run. I want a more overall workout and strength building.

Thanks for reading and

Happy Running!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Rest Day from The Runner's Journey

Today is a rest day. I plan to have no exercises today at all . I had a very active weekend besides the running so I want to make sure I fuel up and let my muscles rest and grow. I usually would have gone to the gym and did some upper body work and sit in the sauna but not today.

happy resting

Great Video ON Running Form

I am always searching the Internet and everywhere else there is information in this world for info on  running form. I believe that running form is the key to running long distances with less pain . I believe it extends your running career well into old age as it keeps you from getting that run stopping injury. So here is a video I hope you enjoy as much as I did. I implement the things I learn slowly into my running routine. Sometimes a technique doesn't work for me and I just dump it and try something else.

Check the video out here running form.

Happy Running

Morning Running Inspiration

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week Two: The Long Run Part 2

The Run

Length: 6 miles 

Location :Escondido



Week Two : The Long Run Part One

Today I am sitting here on a really nice morning prepping myself for a six mile long slow distance. It is a mile stone in training as it is my furthest in a long time.Yesterday I rode the bike to the gym and ran the Saturday 2 miler there then rode the bike back .  I had a glass of water upon awakening and now wait for my eggs and coffee to finish.

The key to today's run is to get out the door fast before I can talk myself out of it. Today will be a city run on concrete.

Running Motivation

I need all the motivation I can get today .

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Running Inspiration

Week Two Day 2 part II

I went out to the San Pasqual Valley for my first of midweek long run. 5 miles . I was really excited

to get started on my Runner's Journey this day . A five miler is a big deal for me. I started running and for some reason my running app and my music wouldn't sync so I ran in silence. I didn't want to at first and I felt my mood changing . I suddenly didn't want to run. Why? Because there isn't any music? I thought that was a really bad reason . Here I am in that beautiful setting why do I need music. So I set out on a musiclless run. I could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. My breathe huffing and puffing. All the natural sounds of birds and the wind were available to me. I have ran without music before and now think I will do it more often.

The first two and a half miles were at a nice 11:00 minute mile pace.The second half I ran the telephone pole distances at a very fast run. Then I would walk letting the lactic acid work it's way out.   Click on the link to read about what the American Running Association says about it.

Today I only have a 2 miler which I am about to do at the gym. 

Happy Safe Running !!