Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Journey : Running in the Rain Week 4

Week Four

It was a rainy day in San Diego .  I had the privilege of running 6 miles today but before I go into that run I will recap the beginning of the week. This week I ran my two miles in the gym. It was an easy run. Yesterday I went into the gym again for some core training. I am all about the core lately after reading about it's importance. I warmed up on a rowing machine which I have ever used before. I had to ask how to use it . I am so glad I did as it is now going to be my low impact machine. I was at the tail end of my workout when I got a call from a client. I left the gym and drove to the job site. It was a mess and I was there until sundown. This is a classic example of how one must be able to flex in his or her training schedule. My wife was out of town so I had no one to rely on to have dinner ready for me when I got back so I ended up just drinking my smoothie. 

This led to a tired underfed runner today. Add rain and this was the perfectly challenging day. I got rained out at work so decided to go running in the rain. I am glad I did . Running in the rain has some benefits. It is cooler and there is no one around. It was a peaceful slow run. I ran enjoying  nature and enjoying the benefit of the run on my body. 
I am still struggling with keeping myself held back. I want to run faster than my body can go right now. My mind remembers running faster but I know I won't be able to until I put in the time. 

Happy Running

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