Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week 5 Wrap up of the Runner's Journey

It was another city this morning. I ran four miles . The big ole stats for this beauty are :

  • total time 43:17
  • pace:10'48"
  • 600 calories burned!!!!!
In comparison with the last time I ran 4 miles

  • total time 49:48
  • pace:12'26"
  • 583 calories burned!!
There is improvement there and that motivates me . I can see the results of my efforts and that propels me to increase my training even more. I have evaluated this weeks affects on my body and think I can push it more in this next 5 weeks of training. The credit for the improvement in my opinion can be given to a new focus, mind in alignment, core training, continued weight training on off days , muscle memory and a new balance between my mind , body and spirit. 
Today I felt that same meditative feeling while I ran. I felt fluid. I had that deeper reservoir of extra strength I knew I could tap if I wanted to. It was an excellent run that complimented a very excellent and productive week of training for the half marathon.

Happy Running

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