Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 4 :1st Transcending Run

 Week 4
I made it through week 4 which can be the hardest week for some. It was for me that is for sure. Here is a recap of how things happened.

I ran my small run no problem however the schedule threw in a six miler on Thursday. It was in the rain and it was hard with me walking some parts of the trail. Then I came to Sunday . The longest mileage in about two years! I was laying on my bed in the depths of talking myself out of it and curling up for a nap . It was a rainy Sunday too so that wasn't a bad option. I thought about 7 miles. I thought about how long it was going to be. I thought how cold it would be. I thought how much it would hurt. I didn't want to go. Then I thought about all my readers who rely on me for inspiration.(insert sarcasm there). I got up and suited up. Once I had my stuff on I was feeling a bit better about running. I remembered reading and writing about how just getting out the door is like 90 percent of the run. Well when you don't want to run that saying doesn't work well. I rebelled against it but I did it anyway. I walked to my truck got in and realized " I am doing this and it isn't going to be pretty"

Well the run was my  best run for this training schedule. I had a pop in my gait and I felt a deep reservoir of strength I knew I could rely on. It was indeed hard not to press a bit faster to see if I could propel my training into another level. I was able to resist knowing that if I kept a nice strong consistent pace my training would benefit even more. I was able to and the run became amazing. It had all the elements in it that every run should. I felt one with the trail and the air blowing around me. I belonged right there at that moment. It was a transcending run.My consciousness seemed to drop from my brain and inhabit my body on a deeper level. I was able to hear my body better like that. I felt close to it. I was able to encourage my muscles that way with an awareness and a gratitude and they responded by carrying me along. Mind, body and spirit were working together and it was beautiful.
That's why I run. Why do you ?

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