Saturday, April 2, 2016

Week Two Day 2 part II

I went out to the San Pasqual Valley for my first of midweek long run. 5 miles . I was really excited

to get started on my Runner's Journey this day . A five miler is a big deal for me. I started running and for some reason my running app and my music wouldn't sync so I ran in silence. I didn't want to at first and I felt my mood changing . I suddenly didn't want to run. Why? Because there isn't any music? I thought that was a really bad reason . Here I am in that beautiful setting why do I need music. So I set out on a musiclless run. I could hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. My breathe huffing and puffing. All the natural sounds of birds and the wind were available to me. I have ran without music before and now think I will do it more often.

The first two and a half miles were at a nice 11:00 minute mile pace.The second half I ran the telephone pole distances at a very fast run. Then I would walk letting the lactic acid work it's way out.   Click on the link to read about what the American Running Association says about it.

Today I only have a 2 miler which I am about to do at the gym. 

Happy Safe Running !! 

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