Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Runner's Journey Week 6 of Training

The Beach Run 
It was a Thursday afternoon after a long day of work and my schedule said 7 miles. The temperature inland was 85 so I decided to go down to the beach in Cardiff,Ca. According to my thermometer it was only 73 down there so away I went .

I was going to be running part of the route for the Carlsbad Marathon and Half of which I have ran several times. It is one of my favorite routes.

Now I didn't have a good week as far as caring for myself. I missed some sleep fro having to get up early to see a son off on Westpac. He is in the Navy. Then I had to work extra hard at work to catch up . The different hours also messed with my fueling this week. I ate less clean to put it bluntly. I also did leg work on Tuesday thinking I could be rested and recovered by Thursday . I wasn't.

It wasn't a bad run but I could feel the lack of rest and my hectic week take its toll .I was sore and under fueled. My time was about 15 seconds faster pace wise in comparison to my last 7 so I have to smile and be happy with that.
As you can see the day was amazing also. This Sunday I have 8 miles to run . I am working today which is Saturday. I am supposed to be running 2 miles today but will forgo that as I still need that rest and recovery. I believe it is the sign of aging that I am unable to just keep going regardless of rest. I plan on running the rest of my life so skipping a two miler in favor of a beautiful 8 mile long run sounds like a good choice.

Does anyone have similar experience.

Happy Running

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