Friday, April 29, 2016

Week 7 of the Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

Week 7 of the Runner's Journey Half Marathon Training

Well once again it wasn't my body that was really rebelling against the run it was my brain. As soon as I hit the trail I was flowing. My body knows what to do and from now on I need to remember that.

It began well with a host of butterflies , bunny rabbits, quail and doves all around. A bunny actually ran along for awhile on the trail in front. The connection to the trail, the sky and everything around took over fast. The mind was allowed to check out and the body took over. I contemplated the miracle it is that I suck in this invisible substance(air) and it provides me the ability to fuel my muscles to run.

I worked on a couple of focuses while I ran.
  • breathing
I would breath in deeply from my nose allowing my lungs to fill . I focus on just that and then exhale slowly and deeply allowing my lungs to empty completely. I imagined the oxygen being stripped from each breath by my lungs and sending it to my muscles over and over. It is a miraculous thing.

  •  posture
I worked on this also. I was focused on making sure my foot landing was more mid foot rather than heel. I focused on my chest making sure it was pushed out as if pulled by a string. This allows for the rib cage to open up and the lungs to hang freely like balloons. I also was aware of my head position.I try to keep a nice straight alignment . I dread developing slouchy running habits that could over time injure me.
As you can see the landscape was very inspiring as well. 
Thank you to those who take the time to read this.
Happy Running

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