Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Runner's Journey: Week 5

Yes we do wake up early. Here I am at the conclusion of Week 5. It was a good running week so far with every run stronger than the next.
So far it looks like this.
Tuesday : 4 miles on the treadmill

Thursday: 3 miles trail

Saturday : 3 miles treadmill

Today ( Sunday) : I will be running four miles shortly. 

I awoke early at 5:30 and the first thought that came to mind other than " fuck it is early" was " I am running today." I felt excited and ready. There was very little rebellion from the body or mind . Training pays off.

The morning regimen is as follows for those who want an inside look into the Runner's Journey.

I stumbled to the kitchen and made a big pot of coffee and drank a glass of room temperature water with Himalayan salt and a little of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in it. I then proceeded into my office where I did a 15 minute meditation. I am in a self improvement push lately where the focus is inner work. It was recommended for me to do at least 10 minutes of mediation a day. I am up to 15 now. After that I made breakfast of two eggs and that delicious dark brew.

I am taking Opti-Men which is a daily supplement. I highly recommend it for a mature male runner. It boosts the testosterone. I feel the difference which is more natural energy and other benefits(nudge nudge wink wink).
That's about it for my Sunday Morning running ritual. I am off to suit up and show up. I hope the rest follows.

to be continued ...........

Happy Running!

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