Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 6 of Training Recap:Running Together

Week 6 Running with my Daughter

Last Sunday was week six of training for the Surfer's Path Half Marathon. It was a good week of training. I trained a little hard on Tuesday which was a rest day from running. Instead of  taking the rest day  I opted for a kettle ball core workout that left me really sore and struggling a bit on my long run midweek.  I compensated by not running my short run on Saturday. I took that as a true day of rest form running and cross training. It paid off!

Sunday was a special run as I did it with my daughter who is also training for the same race. We decided to try and run a few of our long runs together before the race. I couldn't wait. We have trained for races before together but it had been awhile . Our training took place at the famous Silver Strand. As you can see it is a designated trail for runners,walkers, roller blades and bikes. It as asphalt so it is easier on the body. It is a beautiful section of road that connects Coronado with Imperial Beach and goes right next to the famous Amphib Base where Navy SEALS undergo their training.
We stretch and began out 8 miler together. We talked about all sorts of father daughter things and I couldn't have been in a happier place. The miles went by fast and I felt strong with all the parts working in snyc today.

There are some of my splits for the run. I wasn't disappointed at all with my 8 miles. I am really starting to believe I can finish this race.

We finished in style with a better appreciation for running , the city we live in and ourselves. I call this type of run the magic run because doing something like this as a family is a magical thing.

Run Stats

Time: 1:28
Pace: 11'05"
Calories Burned: 1201

Take away from this run:

  • running with someone is good
  • cross training works to improve the run 
  • it is ok to customize your training schedule 
  • father and daughter time:Priceless

Happy Running !

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