Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner

The Drinker vs The Runner
by Scott Campbell

      In 1998 I found myself single again with two children that depended on me and an ex wife. I was 32 and everything I thought  was going to happen in the future suddenly wasn't going to happen. At least not the way I imagined it would. I was a drinker at that time. A rather heavy one too. I was not a runner yet. That was to awaken soon. 
      In the beginning of 1999 I got a DUI. I decided to change. It was then the Runner awakened. I decided to turn my bad luck into a catalyst for change. I was going to become a Runner! I lived down in Mission Valley at the time, right next to The San Diego River. A beautiful bike path went all through the valley right along the river. It was going to be perfect,I thought. 

 It was perfect except I could only run a 1/2 mile at the time and would walk back from my run sometimes with a cigarette lit and smoked. I would also wash the run down with a good 12 pack . The Runner was losing that battle but once awakened The Runner refused to sleep and never admitted defeat to The Drinker.
      I drifted for a couple years with The Drinker still in the driver's seat. It wasn't until the year 2001 that I felt The Runner stir deep within me. He had been waiting and planning his return. Patiently letting The Drinker do his damage. I was living with a girlfriend at the time and she brought a treadmill along with her. The Runner saw this as a sign to return from my subconsciousness where it had been working on the real changes that would come. I decided to begin a running plan using the treadmill as my training ground. I was really embarrassed to be seen running . I am not an out of shape man and I wasn't then but ....I could not run.....and I felt like I was too old to be starting this sport. I WAS ONLY 35!!!!!
      I started with my half mile on there. I then added another half mile. After a few weeks I could run a whole mile without stopping so I decided to take that show outside and let the world see this new runner. During that time I didn't search the Internet about running, I didn't read books about running and I didn't have any running friends but one. So I naturally or instinctively began adding miles until I came to a pivotal day. I was going to run 10 miles and I did. I can still remember the feeling of having to push myself. I can feel the heaviness in my legs the burning of my lungs and I can still feel the joy and pride I felt as I came to the end of what became a legendary run in my story as The Runner 

That was how I felt. The Runner had won those battle to 10 miles but The Drinker wasn't going down without a fight. The problem with The Drinker was he thought it acceptable to destroy everything before he lost the war. 
Come Back Soon 
The Drinker vs The Runner will continue

Happy Running!

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