Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Aging Runner

For whatever reason you are a mature adult 50 Plus and you decide to become a runner. The reasons can be endless but we can take a look at just a few can't we?

  • health
  • Socializing
  • challenge
  • midlife crisis
  • adventure
  • lost a bet
Those are a few and I welcome anymore into the comment field. Oh I forgot one crazy. 
Here is a nice Meme with more
Whatever your reasons I am going to begin a new series on all aspects of that decision to become a runner. The why? and the how? The benefits and the disadvantages. The glory and the despair. Myself. I now plan to run to the day I die. I will find a way to run one way or the other as I age. The first part I will be researching and delivering here for all of you to consume at your leisure will be on the subject of :HEALTH and how running specifically helps us as we get older. 

Happy Running !!

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