Thursday, March 31, 2016

Running Slow Wins !

Running slow wins CLICK TO READ .

Running with a Purpose!

Running challenge

Training : Week Two Day 2.

I am off work and I am resting getting my mind wrapped around the idea that I need to get out there and run 5 miles today.  This is the longest midweek run so far . I plan on just focusing on the now and enjoy I will be running in San Pasqual Valley again today it right now I'm am laying down letting my lunch supply me with some energy.

Running MEME

Cross Training/Rest Day

Yesterday I decided not to rest but to do some cross training. I hit the gym with the intent to work on my core and to work on my leg turn over rate which I measured last Sunday as 150 steps per minute. I really need to step it up if I am to PR this next race.

I achieved the goal for leg turn over by doing 10 minutes of fast pedaling  on the stationary bike, This helps to get the legs used to fast turn over.

Then I went right into core work out , abs crunches,planking and more crunches. I didn't over do it as I have a 5 miler to run today.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Training Week 2 Day 1

Today was the beginning of the Week Two of training. Once again it was only two miles and I chose the treadmill . I can feel the results of my training kicking in. I felt strong. It is a good feeling when you feel it coming together. I worked on form again keeping the head high to allow air flow and the back straight to let the lungs fully expand and contract. I ran at a 10:00 minute per mile pace and burned around 325 calories it said. I was pretty happy with that.  Afterwards I did the dreaded core workout. I have been reading a lot about the core and how important it is to runners so I have decided to incorporate it more into my training. I am hoping it will improve my results this race. 

Happy Running

Hal Higdon Training

Hal Higdon here is a good resource for those who are seeking to do a half marathon for the first time.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Half marathon told by Emojis

Half Marathon Told by Emojis

70 Year Old Marathoer

Check this guy out. He is my new inspiration!

70 year old marathoner

The Runner's Journey Week 1 Day 4

  Yesterday was the first Long Slow Distance run. I had 5 miles to do at a long slow pace and was looking forward to it . Things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to and I had to adapt. The Easter Festivities took longer than I thought so by the time I got to the trail it was getting dark . I had my wife drop me off at one end of the trail and she went on ahead  and walked the dogs at the end where we would meet. I started out without a warm up and a belly full of lamb, ham and candy. I was very bad yesterday. The sun began to set as I headed out. I soon realized  the light wasn’t going to last so instead of the 5 miles of slow running I made the run into a  tempo run where I ran at a very fast pace then slowed down then ran fast again. I did this for 3 miles. Then it became completely dark .
I had to adapt to the conditions I was given. I chose to make it a good work out even though I knew it wasn’t exactly according to schedule. I learned that in training you must trail no matter what even if it isn’t what you had in your plan. I used to beat myself up over missing days or pooping out on a badly planned run. Now I adapt, improvise and overcome.

Morning Running Meme

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Running Surfaces: The Treadmill

Running on a Treadmill

This is not a natural surface at all but many of us runners have used them . I personally have a love hate relationship with them and as I mentioned in a training post I can't do more than three miles on one until I get bored. Lets have a look at the pros and cons.


  • easy access
one can buy one used or join a gym

  • weather doesn't matter
no excuses, if there is a treadmill aronnd you can run no matter what it is like outside 

  • injury prevention
  • safety
  • set pace easier 
  • easy on the joins


  • too easy doesn't challenge the muscles enough
  • it is boring 
  • no fresh air 
In conclusion . The treadmill is a useful tool for any runner on any level. I had one in my garage when I first started to get serious about running. I worked on getting up to a mile  before I would go outside and do that mile. I was self-conscious about running . It is  great if you add about a 1% incline too as that helps to stimulate running outside. Add treadmill training to your quiver. It helps you be an all round runner.

Happy Running!

Inspirational quote

" Run the first two-thirds of the race with your head and the last third with your heart"


Morning running Meme

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Runner's Journey Week 1 Day 3

Today was Day 3 of regular training for the Surfer's Path Half Marathon. It was a 2 miler on the treadmill as you can see. This training schedule that I am on has Saturday as a low mileage easy day. I love it! I can jog along on the treadmill getting my body used to being horizontal and moving for longer and longer times. I like to work on my posture  during these kinds of runs. I keep my spine straight with a slight lean forward. My head is held high and straight like a string is tugging up on it. This allows my ribcage to be fully open and my lungs are allowed to expand and contract with ease. 

This training round for me I have decided to run on the treadmill for the shorter distances. It has a nice cushion feel to it that I think lets me run without too much harshness. I am always trying to conserve what I already have by not beating on it unnecessarily . 

Happy Running !

Running Surfaces: Concrete

Running on Concrete

We saved the worst for last I suppose, that is the consensus out there .  It is unavoidable, however we are told to avoid it at all costs. I know many road races that I have ran had me on concrete quite a bit. I do my best to train on many different surfaces to give my body the chance to adapt to the imperfections of each.

Pros of Running on Concrete

  • smooth 
  • sadly abundant
Cons of Running on Concrete

  • hard as hell (can't be good on the body)
  • where there is concrete there are cars 
  • hot in the summer
  • long term injury risk 
It is the sad fact that most of us will have to run on concrete at some point. The best we can do is buy some shoes that can help absorb the shock. Try different low impact style running like like chi running of which the book can be found for purchase here on Amazon,chi running  and listen to your body. Always be aware on concrete surfaces keep the headphones on low and your eyes open.

Happy Running

Running Meme

Morning Coffee Quote

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.

Joseph Campbell

Friday, March 25, 2016

Procrastination : START TRAINING TODAY!

Get outside ! Start today

Running Meme

Runner's Journey 1st Real Run

Today I donned the old running shoes and hit the trail for a four miler. I was really stoked after writing all about running in the blog. Now it was real for me and I hope that it is real for some of you too. I would love to know who is training and for what.

I ran on a trail within San Pasqual Valley. It was a beautiful day. I had my music ready and off I went. I walk my dogs there quite regularly but running there was pure freedom. It wasn't my best time or run but it was a run and this time it meant something! I did a combination of things from an easy jog to get warmed up, to a fast walk, to running intervals in between the telephone poles and back to jogging along . The valley rewarded me some great scenes. Check them out

              an old Dairy Farm                                                               
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   the trail into the valley

I stopped for a little of the taste oranges that were on the ground   near an orchard.
Two of these babies kept me going for another couple miles. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Great Post by Runner's World

Knee Myrhs

Half Marathon Training Day 2

I am in the beginning of my second training day for the half marathon. I start with my morning protein of two eggs and the sole. I like to get mostly protein in the morning . I have learned that the protein gives more energy than the toast and high carb foods do . I will have a lunch with some carbs in it to give me quick energy right before I run. Today I have 4 miles to run. I will be doing it on a trail today. So after work I will do my first  long run.

Morning Running Meme

... Learn2Luv2Run -Kristina on <b>RUNNING</b> (Quotes•<b>Inspiration</b>•<b>MeMe</b>

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Old Runner Desire

Older Runner Gives His All

Running Surfaces:Asphalt

Running or playing surfaces- Athletes who train on asphalt or cement ...Today we will be talking about the pros and cons of running on asphalt and my personal experience on this surface. Please click the following links to read past installments on Trails and Grass because today is all about ASPHALT. It is very hard to avoid so most of us have run or walked on it at some point in our lives. I am pretty sure we all have fallen on an asphalt play ground somewhere along the line. It is not the best surface to run on and it isn't the worse either.


  • easy access
  •  consistently flat 
  • speed

  • hard 
  • traffic
  • hot 
As we said above asphalt is everywhere so finding a place to run on it shouldn't be a problem. The surface is fairly flat consistently which can reduce any tripping injuries that one might find on grass and trails. That same nice flat surface I have found is excellent for running faster. You are less concerned about whats underfoot so you open up more and shave off a few seconds.

Yes it is nice and flat and you can run faster but it is hard. Running over 50 is a challenge in itself however it does increase when running on harder surfaces like asphalt. It is going to generate more shock to your body than grass or trails. If it can be avoided do it and run on another surface. If it's all you got then make sure you have some good running shoes that can help absorb that shock . You can also learn new running techniques. One of them is Chi-Running. I will be doing a whole multi part series on that subject in the future. If you can't wait you can see it all on Amazon here Chi Running.It is a form of running that really limits injury. It's great for running on pavement as you will lessen the impact jolt on the leg and body. as where there is asphalt there are cars. Always run aware. I will give safety tips on running in the future.

In summary asphalt isn't the best but it is by far the most common and one can learn to run as safely as possible on it . I have run miles on it and do well on it. I prefer it as my easy to go to running surface. Many lakes around these parts have asphalt paths going around them and that is where I do my long runs when possible.

next up CONCRETE

Running Motivational meme

I try and read one of these daily to keep my head in the running game. I find if I start the morning with one. It will stay with me the rest of the day. Running after 50 takes extra motivation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day One of Training Over 50

Hello ,today I began my training for the Surfers Path Half. I started the day with a couple of hard boiled eggs which I usually do anyway. I made a glass of room temperature sole. I worked all day with a banana and an apple for a snack. When I got back from work I had three pieces of bacon and half a gluten free bagel. I took a shower got my running clothes on and hit the gym. I decided to run my short distance of 2 miles on the treadmill. after my run I also worked out my arms. The biceps and triceps. I find having arm strength helps with running . The arms are used for pumping and keeping rhythm . The stronger they are the better. I also worked my calves and my glutes. I try to stay away of too much leg work while training but I found if I use less weight I actually improve on the run. When I got home I made a smoothie of vanilla yogurt , hemp seed protein,

I ran at a 10:42 pace. I won't be winning any races but I got it done. After that I sat in the infrared sauna. If you are interested in reading about the benefits of those click the link here infrared sauna . I find them to be so good after a run or workout.

Running Inspiration

Today I start my official training for the Surfers"s Path . I will be running 2 miles at a regualar pace today .

Monday, March 21, 2016

Running Surfaces: TRAILS

Now lets discuss my favorite place to run. TRAILS. 

If you haven't read the article about running on grass you can by clicking the link grass,

I love trail running. It incorporates so much that interests me.

  • nature and the outdoors
  • challenge
  • shade ( sometimes)
  • a nice soft surface
  • no cars
  • peace
These are the reasons I like trail running. Lets see what the experts say .


My researchresults into the benefits of  trail running are  very similar to the ones on grass however trails have what seems to be a bigger thumbs up . One reason is it's easier to find long trails to run on and most cities have parks with trails on them. If you are rural you have a trail pretty close to you. I lived in the San Diego Country Estates. We had horse trails all over and it was my favorite place to run. I have yet to find a place so close to my house with so many good trails . Now I live in Escondido . There are trails that I have found and will use but none right outside my door like in the San Diego Country Estates.

As in grass running trail running is a softer surface as opposed to concrete or asphalt. It is much more forgiving and provides that natural cushion and shock absorbing qualities.

 Being out in nature is a grounding experience which can boost your energy and create a feeling of overall well being . Your soul will be soothed by the connection with nature. No two runs will be the same as the lighting and shadows will change depending on which time of day you go.

Just like with running in grass trail running uses all those little muscles while you run the trail making little adjustments as you maneuver over the uneven surface. That also strengthens your core.

The cons of running on a trail are the increase of an injury because of tripping or twisting an ankle on a tree root. So trail running requires that you be alert which I think is also a good thing. It brings you right into the moment which is the main thrust of mindfulness.

I hope many of you have access to a trail for your training to become a runner after 50. It is a gift to have one close by . If you are a city dweller get on the internet and find a park near that offers trails you can get out on.

Happy Running 

Running quote

"Life is short ....running makes it seem longer.    Baren Hansen

 Check out the first in a series on running surfaces here grass!

This week I start my own training for real .

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Running Surfaces:Grass

Does anyone remember running on  freshly cut grass in a yard or at the park? If you haven't I would suggest stop reading this article jump on your favorite form of transportation and get to a park. Once there take your shoes off and walk around, RUN even! You will feel grounded .You are where you belong close to the earth.  .This is close to ideal for running. Did you know there is a whole movement in the running community of people who run barefoot? Yes there is and we will talk about them in the future but right now lets just talk about running or walking on grass and it's benefits and some of it's disadvantages.


It is beautiful to look at but it is also a very good place to do some running if you can find enough of it in one place to do so. Where I live in San Diego there are many places like Balboa Park that has large swaths of grass to run or walk on. Grass is like a natural shock absorber. It has an uneven surface  which makes your muscles have to do a lot more extra work. This can be beneficial as you get to work and develop muscles you normally wouldn't on the other surfaces. According to experts on running if you do some running work on nice cut grass , say of an athletic filed you will notice the difference later when you go back on the road.
  • low impact 
  • uneven surface challenges muscles to strengthen
  • beauty 
  • the smell;  aromatherapy  
  • ideal for older runners 
  • hard to find in urban areas
  • possible sprinklers or other objects ;holes could twist an ankle
  • need to be more aware
In conclusion if you can find grass use it get some runs done on it. If it is a small patch use it for speed work do some sprints.If you are not that advanced just jog on it .Maybe even barefoot you might discover a form of running that leads you on a very different journey. I'd suggest incorporating it into your training whenever you can.


Running Surfaces

I am going to start a series of posts on running surfaces. The best and the worse . There are so many .

  • grass
  • dirt trails 
  • cinder
  • synthetic track
  • treadmill
  • sand
  • concrete
  • asphalt
I will go over the good bad and the ugly of each.

Running Reflections

Three days till actual training for my half marathon.

I saw a young couple training together the other day. It made me wish I had started my running journey earlier. Our generation wasn't aware of health and didn't have the information at our fingertips like we do now. Ignorance was bliss back then.

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that my training is about to get real starting Monday March 21. I am anxious in my stomach excited to get out of the gate and make every mile count till race day. In the next 10 weeks leading up to the race many obstacles will get in my way.Here are a few.

  • life things happen. You must adjust your training and keep going
  • injury, heaven forbid
  • lack of motivation, 
I like to keep those in my mind so I can prepare myself and be ready when one of those things happen. I have had family issues happen , the flu, serious lack of motivation and doubt. Many things happen when you train for a race but most of them are trans formative and positive.

Happy running

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Running Shoes Review

Since I started running I have run in Asics. They are a good shoe for an older runner or a beginner. The reason being is the  sole. The soles are very wide giving nice support with a cushiony feel when you run. It provides stability which older and newer runners will appreciate. You'll feel safe and comfortable no matter what the terrain is that you run on. There are lots of elite style running shoes, minimlists styles , cheaper ones, ones not designed for running etc but these shoes are:

  • priced right for the budget minded
  • comfortable for older and new runners
  • made by a tried and true running show company 
If you would like to check this running show out please visit Amazon  you can read more reviews of the shoe and look at the different colors. You might even decide you want a pair. Remember always run in the same style shoe you train in  check here

The Hero's Journey

Joseph Campbell was a very influential man in the world of Myth. His books Power Of Myth and The Heroes Journey have influenced many many people including Star Wars creator George Lucas. I personally have read The Power of Myth and cherish it as my most valuable book. 
          I came up with a quote of my own the other day while thinking about running and being a hero,
If  you are looking for a hero in your life stop looking and check out the nearest mirror, It's you! Campbell says we are all on the Hero's Journey and that in order for us to feel fulfilled we need that journey. We need that transformation. All good movies and books have one or several heroes who are not the same after the book or movie is over. This is exactly the same for a new runner. Once you start the journey and step up to the plate as your own hero you are on your way to that fulfillment that Joseph Campbell spoke of. Your future self will thank you .

The Runner's Journey can be compared to any myth or hero story. Let's take for instance The Lord of The Rings. It starts in The Shire. A place of peace where there is lots of food and drink. All the inhabitants are fat and happy, I liken that to the couch life before one starts running. Then Gandalf arrives . He is the catalyst that starts the adventure. He is that idea in your head that came on New Years Day or came as a bet to a loved one or friend. He represents the idea that yes you can leave The Shire ( the sofa) and have a great adventure that will transform you forever. The Ring represents all those donuts, lazy days of doing nothing productive and the negative addictions we might have inside us. The mission to destroy the Ring is your training . The dark riders, orcs, gollum and Sauron are all the obstacles you will face on your Runner's Journey. The destruction of the Ring is race day when you conquer all those fears, doubts and lay to rest once and for all the naysayers who said you couldn't do it . 

A Good Running Read


Here is something new to the blog.A link to a great article on running after fifty. I read the article and agreed with most of what he said. What do you think?

New Rukes for Running Over 50

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Inspirational Anecdote

Back in 2010 I ran my first half marathon. I was so excited and so proud of myself for accomplishing that goal. When I crossed that line I was so happy it was over and so happy I had committed to it. I was on a runner's high and felt connected with each and every soul who was wearing a finishers medal.I had found my tribe.

After the race my wife and I went to a coffee shop in the mall near where the finish line was at. There were many runners in there, marathoners as well as half marathoners.  We sat down and I had a hot green tea. I was enjoying my tea watching all the other medal wearers walking around  proud when an older gentleman and a young woman sat in the table right next to us. They had on marathon medals. The older gentleman and I exchanged hellos and I asked him how he had done.

" We did good " he said. " This is my granddaughter she ran with me. "

"Wow that's great" I said.

" Yep I've been running this marathon since I was 40 years old. I am 85 now."he said.

I couldn't believe that this guy had run more miles than I possibly ever would run in my life . He even came in first place in his age group. He instantly became my inspiration, he was moving fluidly , had all his wits about him and I was honored to have met him. I will run with my granddaughter or grandson one day just like him because running and the healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with this habit will allow me to live that long .

Happy Running

Reasons to Run, Reasons not to Run

  • lose weight
  • cardio-vascular health
  • improve bone mass
  • increased mental health
  • get off the ass
reasons not to run

  • you are not alive
Barring any serious physical conditions that really wouldn't allow you to run I can't think of a reason not to. Can anyone come up with a valid reason not to run besides not liking it or a physical condition?

Can anyone add to the reasons to run. Those were the first ones that came to my mind. There are so many more reasons to run .

Quote Motivation

"Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up."
-Dean Karnazes, ultra-marathoner and author

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Inspirational Meme

Rest Days the Importance of Them

Yesterday was my rest day. Since I have been doing so well building my base since December by going to the gym regularly and the recent running I had to resist the urge to over train. Yes we can over train and over training leads to injury and burnout , both things we are trying to avoid at all costs. Is there a way to drill into our heads the importance of sitting on the sofa one day or taking a nice leisurely walk? No there isn't . It takes effort to do nothing especially when one is all fired up to make this big transition to being a runner! 
Here it is straight from Runner's World .

Less is more.

How often?

It is recommended to take at least one day  a week of full rest. I think Runner's World has the younger runners in mind when they post that. I think one should take at least one rest day however the 50 and over crowd might require more. It goes back to learning to listen to your body. You will develop that skill as you go along with  your transformation. Rest is good as long as you follow it up with more training and stick to your goals. if you stay on the sofa? Well we will discuss motivation in another post.

How does the rest day help?

  • prevents injury 
  • restores glycogen stores 
  • prevents mind burnout
I cannot stress the importance of this. Rest will bring you success on Race Day!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Long Slow Distance Run

First off here is a little insight into my daily running schedule.

I woke up this morning with a 5 mike LSD ( long slow distance) ahead of me. I had a glass of water with a little unfiltered apple cider vinegar and some Himalayan salt. I use that to get my metabolism going . I find it works good. I debated whether to run this morning or wait till later today. I made the right choice and decided to run. After getting some stretching in I began my run. I felt really good and believe y base is setting back up. I am ready to train. I ran really slow . 

  • 5 miles
  • time:57.35
  • pace:11;29
  • calories burned 755
Remember "slow " slow is relative to each runner. I am aiming my blog towards the folks who are just starting so slow is probably pretty slow. So with that said. Why is running a long slow distance in your training good?

Benefits of the slow long run

  1. .Here is the one I like the best. The long slow run is the best way to produce that runners high. 
  2. It conditions the joints and muscles giving them the stamina to go long distances.
  3. It helps the cardiovascular system learn to adapt and deliver the increased oxygen to your muscles. 
  4. Helps your mind wrap itself around the idea of running long distances boosting your confidence. 
  5. strengthens the heart increases blood supply
  6. pushes the body to use fat as energy ( we like this !)
  7. conditions your body to use that energy more efficiently.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Live Runner

Hello , Today's post is a live post about the current state of my own training and how I keep it going . I worked all day cleaning pools, then came home and had an hour phone meeting. I am currently working up to a 10 week training program for a run I have up in Santa Cruz this May. I haven't got to the actual training yet. I have about a week before that starts. So I am trying to get back into the swing of things again having taken about one year and six months off. I am truly a newbie again. After the call I sat at the desk and began to try an talk myself out of it. Yes even people with some races under their belt do that I'm telling you , 90 percent of running starts in the head. The body knows what to do. We are human it is our birthright to run!!

I started thinking about writing something in the blog instead. Then I thought. I am a runner before I am a blogger. So with all my readers in mind. I laced up the shoes, suited up and hit the gym. I am not a fan of long runs on a treadmill. I think the longest I have ever ran on one is ten miles. It can get pretty boring for me . I like being outside. Today my goal was four miles. I choose the treadmill right now so I can work out the bugs with form and cardio before I run off four miles away from my house. I consider the treadmill a controlled environment. I had to listen to my advice and the advice of others I have read. I did the run and then walk technique. My cardio isn't up to par yet. I did it though!

Here is some wisdom I was once told . Just get to the gym . Just get out the door with your running shoes on.That is 99 percent of the battle!

The take away from today's training session is listen to your body.

Happy running !


" Play not only keeps us young but it also  maintains our perspective about the relative seriousness of things. Running is play, for even if we try hard to do well at it , it is a relief from everyday cares"
Jim Fixx

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Picking a Beginners Training Schedule

Half Crazy! Check out the Women's Running half marathon training plan for beginning or intermediate runners.:
 This  is a nice picture of a beginners training plan that can be found anywhere with a google search. I really like this schedule because it isn't many miles to complete per week. Some of you can maybe start this schedule today with no problems however if you are a pure beginner going from the couch to the race well don't look at this picture yet. You are not ready. I speak to those  of you that are the beginners. I am aiming my messages at you because I want you to get up and run with me. I want to know you are doing it as it inspires me too. I am always seeking that motivation from others and beginners are the best. They have that raw drive that experienced runners have but it is not the same . The experienced  runners have honed that drive and shaped it. Us beginners just have that raw desire and drive which we can use to propel us forward. 
  " If you can Walk you can Run a half marathon." That is a quote I read once . I wish I could state the source but I can't recall it. It is true . I believe it and I have done it. So can you . In order to start that training schedule in the picture above it is recommended by the experts that you are already running 15 miles per week. What the heck? you say. Well that is what I recommend too. This is a blog for over fifty folks. What do people our age want to avoid at all cost?  Injuries! Training too soon without building up to that weekly mileage will most likely get you hurt and turn you off to running for life. You don't want that and either do I . I want you out there running with me getting healthy and representing Generation X of which we are apart of if you are my age. So start slow . I did. Start with that half mile. Walk it if you have to. Do that for a week then add another half a mile. You will be on your way! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

You've Decided to Run, Now what ?


Well you decided in your mind to become a runner. You want to revolutionize your life and your health. You want to be the person folks see out there in the morning getting their  run in or late at night running with a headlight on. SO now what? You will probably do what I did and post that to your facebook page. I got a lot of"good lucks, I used to run, it will kill your knees, I always wanted to run a marathon" and on and on. Most of it believe it or not will be passively negative. It is as if no one wants to see you do this because it will just shed light on them and their inactive lifestyles. Pay no attention to the naysayers. I can't find a source for this quote " if you can walk , you can run a half marathon." but it stuck with me as I hope it does for you . 

Here are some things I did before I started running 
  • go to the doctor and get a check up 
  • subscribe to Runners World 
  • find your training route or join the gym 
  • write down a training schedule 
  • follow this page of course 
  • start running 
So after you have found a place to run it is time to begin the journey. It is a journey too. I liken it to a quest. Running can have a profound impact on your life on many different levels. It really can change you and revolutionize the rest of your life. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

About Me

Welcome to my blog. This blog will be dedicated to all things running, focusing on the running life after 50 years old.

My name is Scott Campbell. I am from Auburn.Maine but now call Escondido, California my home. I am 50 years old myself and I am a runner. I haven't always been a runner. I did some track and field in middle school and for the most part my running in childhood was running around outside which was pretty much all the time. I grew up in a single parent household with no car. My legs were my transportation .

When I first thought about becoming a runner I was around 32 years old. I had just gotten a divorce . I was like most recently divorced people too. I was looking to revolutionize what I thought had become a stagnant life. Running was going to be my answer. I didn't realize the obstacles I had put in my way over the years that would jump in my way as I progressed.

I had become quite a big drinker of beer. I was also still an on and off smoker. Did I mention I drank beer? I did and I drank a lot . My first run was a big half a mile. I was huffing and puffing. My lungs ached and my legs were wobbling. I walked on the way back, I dedicated myself to it and after a few months I was up to my first 10 miler. It was a powerful milestone in my running life. I could do this. My body could learn to expand and condition itself to whatever I did. I was on to something . Still I didn't have the confidence to sign up for a race. My biggest fear? All those other people were real runners. I was just an amateur hack out here destroying his knees on the pavement. I had not read anything online or in books. I was just running regularly and adding more and more miles week after week. That was my plan.

That 10 miler really changed my life. I ended up getting remarried at 40 and it was during that time that I finally signed up for my first half marathon. The tri-city Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half. I was stoked and scared. I won't go into my time here however since that time I have ran the following races.

  1. Carlsbad half 3x
  2. Carlsbad full marathon 1x
  3. San Diego Half Marathon 2x
  4. La Jolla Half Marathon 2x
  5. Americas' Finest Half marathon 2x
  6. Ragnar Relay So Cal 3x 
  7. some 5ks scattered about there in between.
It isn't as big a list as I'd like but when you are managing a business and a family of six people . It was a challenge.
The mission of this blog is to inspire and possibly help others keep running on past their 50s.

Thanks for coming by . Please stop by again .

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