Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Picking a Beginners Training Schedule

Half Crazy! Check out the Women's Running half marathon training plan for beginning or intermediate runners.:
 This  is a nice picture of a beginners training plan that can be found anywhere with a google search. I really like this schedule because it isn't many miles to complete per week. Some of you can maybe start this schedule today with no problems however if you are a pure beginner going from the couch to the race well don't look at this picture yet. You are not ready. I speak to those  of you that are the beginners. I am aiming my messages at you because I want you to get up and run with me. I want to know you are doing it as it inspires me too. I am always seeking that motivation from others and beginners are the best. They have that raw drive that experienced runners have but it is not the same . The experienced  runners have honed that drive and shaped it. Us beginners just have that raw desire and drive which we can use to propel us forward. 
  " If you can Walk you can Run a half marathon." That is a quote I read once . I wish I could state the source but I can't recall it. It is true . I believe it and I have done it. So can you . In order to start that training schedule in the picture above it is recommended by the experts that you are already running 15 miles per week. What the heck? you say. Well that is what I recommend too. This is a blog for over fifty folks. What do people our age want to avoid at all cost?  Injuries! Training too soon without building up to that weekly mileage will most likely get you hurt and turn you off to running for life. You don't want that and either do I . I want you out there running with me getting healthy and representing Generation X of which we are apart of if you are my age. So start slow . I did. Start with that half mile. Walk it if you have to. Do that for a week then add another half a mile. You will be on your way! 

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