Saturday, March 26, 2016

Running Surfaces: Concrete

Running on Concrete

We saved the worst for last I suppose, that is the consensus out there .  It is unavoidable, however we are told to avoid it at all costs. I know many road races that I have ran had me on concrete quite a bit. I do my best to train on many different surfaces to give my body the chance to adapt to the imperfections of each.

Pros of Running on Concrete

  • smooth 
  • sadly abundant
Cons of Running on Concrete

  • hard as hell (can't be good on the body)
  • where there is concrete there are cars 
  • hot in the summer
  • long term injury risk 
It is the sad fact that most of us will have to run on concrete at some point. The best we can do is buy some shoes that can help absorb the shock. Try different low impact style running like like chi running of which the book can be found for purchase here on Amazon,chi running  and listen to your body. Always be aware on concrete surfaces keep the headphones on low and your eyes open.

Happy Running

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