Monday, March 21, 2016

Running Surfaces: TRAILS

Now lets discuss my favorite place to run. TRAILS. 

If you haven't read the article about running on grass you can by clicking the link grass,

I love trail running. It incorporates so much that interests me.

  • nature and the outdoors
  • challenge
  • shade ( sometimes)
  • a nice soft surface
  • no cars
  • peace
These are the reasons I like trail running. Lets see what the experts say .


My researchresults into the benefits of  trail running are  very similar to the ones on grass however trails have what seems to be a bigger thumbs up . One reason is it's easier to find long trails to run on and most cities have parks with trails on them. If you are rural you have a trail pretty close to you. I lived in the San Diego Country Estates. We had horse trails all over and it was my favorite place to run. I have yet to find a place so close to my house with so many good trails . Now I live in Escondido . There are trails that I have found and will use but none right outside my door like in the San Diego Country Estates.

As in grass running trail running is a softer surface as opposed to concrete or asphalt. It is much more forgiving and provides that natural cushion and shock absorbing qualities.

 Being out in nature is a grounding experience which can boost your energy and create a feeling of overall well being . Your soul will be soothed by the connection with nature. No two runs will be the same as the lighting and shadows will change depending on which time of day you go.

Just like with running in grass trail running uses all those little muscles while you run the trail making little adjustments as you maneuver over the uneven surface. That also strengthens your core.

The cons of running on a trail are the increase of an injury because of tripping or twisting an ankle on a tree root. So trail running requires that you be alert which I think is also a good thing. It brings you right into the moment which is the main thrust of mindfulness.

I hope many of you have access to a trail for your training to become a runner after 50. It is a gift to have one close by . If you are a city dweller get on the internet and find a park near that offers trails you can get out on.

Happy Running 

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