Monday, March 7, 2016

About Me

Welcome to my blog. This blog will be dedicated to all things running, focusing on the running life after 50 years old.

My name is Scott Campbell. I am from Auburn.Maine but now call Escondido, California my home. I am 50 years old myself and I am a runner. I haven't always been a runner. I did some track and field in middle school and for the most part my running in childhood was running around outside which was pretty much all the time. I grew up in a single parent household with no car. My legs were my transportation .

When I first thought about becoming a runner I was around 32 years old. I had just gotten a divorce . I was like most recently divorced people too. I was looking to revolutionize what I thought had become a stagnant life. Running was going to be my answer. I didn't realize the obstacles I had put in my way over the years that would jump in my way as I progressed.

I had become quite a big drinker of beer. I was also still an on and off smoker. Did I mention I drank beer? I did and I drank a lot . My first run was a big half a mile. I was huffing and puffing. My lungs ached and my legs were wobbling. I walked on the way back, I dedicated myself to it and after a few months I was up to my first 10 miler. It was a powerful milestone in my running life. I could do this. My body could learn to expand and condition itself to whatever I did. I was on to something . Still I didn't have the confidence to sign up for a race. My biggest fear? All those other people were real runners. I was just an amateur hack out here destroying his knees on the pavement. I had not read anything online or in books. I was just running regularly and adding more and more miles week after week. That was my plan.

That 10 miler really changed my life. I ended up getting remarried at 40 and it was during that time that I finally signed up for my first half marathon. The tri-city Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half. I was stoked and scared. I won't go into my time here however since that time I have ran the following races.

  1. Carlsbad half 3x
  2. Carlsbad full marathon 1x
  3. San Diego Half Marathon 2x
  4. La Jolla Half Marathon 2x
  5. Americas' Finest Half marathon 2x
  6. Ragnar Relay So Cal 3x 
  7. some 5ks scattered about there in between.
It isn't as big a list as I'd like but when you are managing a business and a family of six people . It was a challenge.
The mission of this blog is to inspire and possibly help others keep running on past their 50s.

Thanks for coming by . Please stop by again .

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