Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Day One of Training Over 50

Hello ,today I began my training for the Surfers Path Half. I started the day with a couple of hard boiled eggs which I usually do anyway. I made a glass of room temperature sole. I worked all day with a banana and an apple for a snack. When I got back from work I had three pieces of bacon and half a gluten free bagel. I took a shower got my running clothes on and hit the gym. I decided to run my short distance of 2 miles on the treadmill. after my run I also worked out my arms. The biceps and triceps. I find having arm strength helps with running . The arms are used for pumping and keeping rhythm . The stronger they are the better. I also worked my calves and my glutes. I try to stay away of too much leg work while training but I found if I use less weight I actually improve on the run. When I got home I made a smoothie of vanilla yogurt , hemp seed protein,

I ran at a 10:42 pace. I won't be winning any races but I got it done. After that I sat in the infrared sauna. If you are interested in reading about the benefits of those click the link here infrared sauna . I find them to be so good after a run or workout.

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