Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Running Surfaces:Asphalt

Running or playing surfaces- Athletes who train on asphalt or cement ...Today we will be talking about the pros and cons of running on asphalt and my personal experience on this surface. Please click the following links to read past installments on Trails and Grass because today is all about ASPHALT. It is very hard to avoid so most of us have run or walked on it at some point in our lives. I am pretty sure we all have fallen on an asphalt play ground somewhere along the line. It is not the best surface to run on and it isn't the worse either.


  • easy access
  •  consistently flat 
  • speed

  • hard 
  • traffic
  • hot 
As we said above asphalt is everywhere so finding a place to run on it shouldn't be a problem. The surface is fairly flat consistently which can reduce any tripping injuries that one might find on grass and trails. That same nice flat surface I have found is excellent for running faster. You are less concerned about whats underfoot so you open up more and shave off a few seconds.

Yes it is nice and flat and you can run faster but it is hard. Running over 50 is a challenge in itself however it does increase when running on harder surfaces like asphalt. It is going to generate more shock to your body than grass or trails. If it can be avoided do it and run on another surface. If it's all you got then make sure you have some good running shoes that can help absorb that shock . You can also learn new running techniques. One of them is Chi-Running. I will be doing a whole multi part series on that subject in the future. If you can't wait you can see it all on Amazon here Chi Running.It is a form of running that really limits injury. It's great for running on pavement as you will lessen the impact jolt on the leg and body. as where there is asphalt there are cars. Always run aware. I will give safety tips on running in the future.

In summary asphalt isn't the best but it is by far the most common and one can learn to run as safely as possible on it . I have run miles on it and do well on it. I prefer it as my easy to go to running surface. Many lakes around these parts have asphalt paths going around them and that is where I do my long runs when possible.

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