Saturday, March 19, 2016

Running Reflections

Three days till actual training for my half marathon.

I saw a young couple training together the other day. It made me wish I had started my running journey earlier. Our generation wasn't aware of health and didn't have the information at our fingertips like we do now. Ignorance was bliss back then.

I am trying to wrap my head around the fact that my training is about to get real starting Monday March 21. I am anxious in my stomach excited to get out of the gate and make every mile count till race day. In the next 10 weeks leading up to the race many obstacles will get in my way.Here are a few.

  • life things happen. You must adjust your training and keep going
  • injury, heaven forbid
  • lack of motivation, 
I like to keep those in my mind so I can prepare myself and be ready when one of those things happen. I have had family issues happen , the flu, serious lack of motivation and doubt. Many things happen when you train for a race but most of them are trans formative and positive.

Happy running

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