Saturday, March 19, 2016

Running Surfaces:Grass

Does anyone remember running on  freshly cut grass in a yard or at the park? If you haven't I would suggest stop reading this article jump on your favorite form of transportation and get to a park. Once there take your shoes off and walk around, RUN even! You will feel grounded .You are where you belong close to the earth.  .This is close to ideal for running. Did you know there is a whole movement in the running community of people who run barefoot? Yes there is and we will talk about them in the future but right now lets just talk about running or walking on grass and it's benefits and some of it's disadvantages.


It is beautiful to look at but it is also a very good place to do some running if you can find enough of it in one place to do so. Where I live in San Diego there are many places like Balboa Park that has large swaths of grass to run or walk on. Grass is like a natural shock absorber. It has an uneven surface  which makes your muscles have to do a lot more extra work. This can be beneficial as you get to work and develop muscles you normally wouldn't on the other surfaces. According to experts on running if you do some running work on nice cut grass , say of an athletic filed you will notice the difference later when you go back on the road.
  • low impact 
  • uneven surface challenges muscles to strengthen
  • beauty 
  • the smell;  aromatherapy  
  • ideal for older runners 
  • hard to find in urban areas
  • possible sprinklers or other objects ;holes could twist an ankle
  • need to be more aware
In conclusion if you can find grass use it get some runs done on it. If it is a small patch use it for speed work do some sprints.If you are not that advanced just jog on it .Maybe even barefoot you might discover a form of running that leads you on a very different journey. I'd suggest incorporating it into your training whenever you can.


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