Tuesday, March 8, 2016

You've Decided to Run, Now what ?


Well you decided in your mind to become a runner. You want to revolutionize your life and your health. You want to be the person folks see out there in the morning getting their  run in or late at night running with a headlight on. SO now what? You will probably do what I did and post that to your facebook page. I got a lot of"good lucks, I used to run, it will kill your knees, I always wanted to run a marathon" and on and on. Most of it believe it or not will be passively negative. It is as if no one wants to see you do this because it will just shed light on them and their inactive lifestyles. Pay no attention to the naysayers. I can't find a source for this quote " if you can walk , you can run a half marathon." but it stuck with me as I hope it does for you . 

Here are some things I did before I started running 
  • go to the doctor and get a check up 
  • subscribe to Runners World 
  • find your training route or join the gym 
  • write down a training schedule 
  • follow this page of course 
  • start running 
So after you have found a place to run it is time to begin the journey. It is a journey too. I liken it to a quest. Running can have a profound impact on your life on many different levels. It really can change you and revolutionize the rest of your life. 

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