Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Inspirational Anecdote

Back in 2010 I ran my first half marathon. I was so excited and so proud of myself for accomplishing that goal. When I crossed that line I was so happy it was over and so happy I had committed to it. I was on a runner's high and felt connected with each and every soul who was wearing a finishers medal.I had found my tribe.

After the race my wife and I went to a coffee shop in the mall near where the finish line was at. There were many runners in there, marathoners as well as half marathoners.  We sat down and I had a hot green tea. I was enjoying my tea watching all the other medal wearers walking around  proud when an older gentleman and a young woman sat in the table right next to us. They had on marathon medals. The older gentleman and I exchanged hellos and I asked him how he had done.

" We did good " he said. " This is my granddaughter she ran with me. "

"Wow that's great" I said.

" Yep I've been running this marathon since I was 40 years old. I am 85 now."he said.

I couldn't believe that this guy had run more miles than I possibly ever would run in my life . He even came in first place in his age group. He instantly became my inspiration, he was moving fluidly , had all his wits about him and I was honored to have met him. I will run with my granddaughter or grandson one day just like him because running and the healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with this habit will allow me to live that long .

Happy Running

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