Monday, March 28, 2016

The Runner's Journey Week 1 Day 4

  Yesterday was the first Long Slow Distance run. I had 5 miles to do at a long slow pace and was looking forward to it . Things didn’t work out the way I wanted them to and I had to adapt. The Easter Festivities took longer than I thought so by the time I got to the trail it was getting dark . I had my wife drop me off at one end of the trail and she went on ahead  and walked the dogs at the end where we would meet. I started out without a warm up and a belly full of lamb, ham and candy. I was very bad yesterday. The sun began to set as I headed out. I soon realized  the light wasn’t going to last so instead of the 5 miles of slow running I made the run into a  tempo run where I ran at a very fast pace then slowed down then ran fast again. I did this for 3 miles. Then it became completely dark .
I had to adapt to the conditions I was given. I chose to make it a good work out even though I knew it wasn’t exactly according to schedule. I learned that in training you must trail no matter what even if it isn’t what you had in your plan. I used to beat myself up over missing days or pooping out on a badly planned run. Now I adapt, improvise and overcome.

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