Monday, May 2, 2016

Slaying the 9 Miler

Slaying the 9
by Scott Campbell

Again and again it is only a battle between my mind and body. It is the conscious mind that doesn't seem to want to do anything. The tactic,suit up and show up ,works every time for me. I ran in beautiful Kit Carson Park. I ran on almost all the different surfaces one could be faced with too, such as GRASS,ASPHALT and CONCRETE.

The first mile was rough or shall I say it sucked. That is what I have read from other running blogs and I must say I agree however things smoothed out and by the time my app told me I was on mile 2 things were flowing. There was a feeling of all parts of my body working together and for the first time ever as a runner I felt that I was being taken for a ride by a strong and powerful animal. That I was just sitting back observing while this beast took me up hills and over bridges. I really liked that feeling. There were many bridges on this run which I found symbolic to the bridges we all have to cross in life but even more important the bridges we build in life. I like those so much better. NEVER burn a bridge.

I got to run across a log! 
Here is another crossing.  

I had an incredible run that boosted my confidence that I can run this half marathon. I needed that run and now look forward to the rest of the runs scheduled for this week. The Runner's Journey's training has a 10 miler at the end of it this week. The strength is there, the mind is on board and the spirit is ready to run free as it should! Good news is that this run was better than a run logged in three years ago for the same distance. Fitness can be maintain I realize. I am afraid that at our ages though if you don't use it soon we will lose it . Run , walk and crawl if need be just KEEP MOVING!
Happy Running!

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