Monday, May 2, 2016

The Drinker vs The Runner Pt2

The Drinker vs The Runner
by Scott Campbell

      After that 10 Miler The Runner retreated and The Drinker ran rampant through my mind destroying that relationship and others. I remarried and The Drinker was happy. One night while drinking at the Country Club Bar where I lived I had my wife come and pick me up . I was way too drunk to drive. I decided I was going to run through the wooded pathways instead . I proceeded to run across the road towards the trail, tripped over the median crashing and sliding onto the other lane. I lied there feeling no pain but felt blood dripping out of me . I turned and saw oncoming headlights. " fuck " I thought.
      I did survive that night and others. One thing about  that night is what my wife said to me. She said I wasn't a runner and I was all talk. She awakened The Runner from his slumber. This time it was The Revolution that started inside me. The Runner was about to take the driver's seat but it would be a few years before he could turn the tide and repair the damage of The Drinker.

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I do not advocate drunk running . I found this online and thought it funny. I could have founded that club.

More to come

Happy Running!

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