Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Live Runner

Hello , Today's post is a live post about the current state of my own training and how I keep it going . I worked all day cleaning pools, then came home and had an hour phone meeting. I am currently working up to a 10 week training program for a run I have up in Santa Cruz this May. I haven't got to the actual training yet. I have about a week before that starts. So I am trying to get back into the swing of things again having taken about one year and six months off. I am truly a newbie again. After the call I sat at the desk and began to try an talk myself out of it. Yes even people with some races under their belt do that I'm telling you , 90 percent of running starts in the head. The body knows what to do. We are human it is our birthright to run!!

I started thinking about writing something in the blog instead. Then I thought. I am a runner before I am a blogger. So with all my readers in mind. I laced up the shoes, suited up and hit the gym. I am not a fan of long runs on a treadmill. I think the longest I have ever ran on one is ten miles. It can get pretty boring for me . I like being outside. Today my goal was four miles. I choose the treadmill right now so I can work out the bugs with form and cardio before I run off four miles away from my house. I consider the treadmill a controlled environment. I had to listen to my advice and the advice of others I have read. I did the run and then walk technique. My cardio isn't up to par yet. I did it though!

Here is some wisdom I was once told . Just get to the gym . Just get out the door with your running shoes on.That is 99 percent of the battle!

The take away from today's training session is listen to your body.

Happy running !

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