Saturday, December 17, 2016

End of Week Training Reflections

End of Week Reflections
Scott Campbell

The soft open of the running season is underway. The weekly total of miles ran is a low 6 however I am not officially training for the race yet. These 6 miles that I completed this week were a shake out of the old body to see if I still had it or not. I appear to still be able to put one foot in front of the other.

take aways from week one
  • in better shape than thought
  • positive results from weight training
  • started running by chunks of time as opposed to miles
  • discovered bone broth

When I am running like this on the treadmill I strive to run in a controlled way with my focus on my form. Is my head held high like it is being pulled up by a string?Are my shoulders back?Do my lungs fill and exhale fully and with a good rhythm to my stride. I find inside running to be a perfect place to work on such things. As we age form is even more crucial for us to be conscious of as good form allows for us to avoid injury and keep running for years to come.

Happy Running!

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