Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Post Election Blues

Post Election Blues

Merry Christmas and welcome back to The Runner's Journey 50 Plus.  That one hell of an election is over and for some, myself included, it is time to get back to our own lives and pursue our  dreams and goals. I am grateful to be here in the United States where I am free to chase those dreams. One of my upcoming goals for next year is to run more. I haven't ran but a few miles here and there since my last race back in May. The next one is The Encinitas Half Marathon. My goal ? To PR in this race. Check out the link and look at the fabulous vistas one gets while running this race. That in and of itself should inspire!. 

How can I PR in a half marathon over the age of 50? Well that's what I am going to find out. I have tried before and still haven't been able to get any faster. I always run out of energy and can't push it anymore at the end. I came close last time but it didn't happen. 

In the off season for running which is summer here in Southern California I worked out in the gym. The gym is an excellent resource for us over 50 and with the prices of some there is no excuse not to be a part of one. I worked on these goals in there.
  • lose weight I went form 210 to 186 currently. 
  • build muscle (important for the over 50 crowd)
  • worked on core
I also researched diet and nutrition all with the focus on a diet for an active 50 year old plus. I plan on sharing all my research in these pithy blog posts throughout this next training cycle. There is always something new in the physical and nutritional  sciences. We are so lucky to be aging in these times my fellow Genxers!

Happy Running!

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