Monday, December 12, 2016

Encinitas Half Marathon : Soft Open !

The Soft Open

I didn't do exactly as I planned in the off season for running. I wanted to keep my mileage up to at least 10 miles a week however I failed at doing so. What I didn't fail to do was keep hitting the gym. I started out every workout with some form of cardio but mostly it was an one mile run on the treadmill. Sometimes I'd feel really good and I would run a 9:30 mile , other times I would run much slower in the 11:00 minute pace. The goal for the summer off season was to drop fat and gain muscles and I was successful at that. I concentrated a lot on my legs. I am really into doing squats to build up muscles and also as a man , to keep the testosterone high. These are so important as we age. Building lean muscle mass at any age helps.You just have to go really slow depending on your physical condition and your level of lifting experience. 

Today was my " soft opening to the running season for me. I did a whopping two miles on the treadmill. I can definitely feel the lack of a cardio workout today as my lungs burned and I wanted to stop . I didn't and pushed through . I am glad I did because I ended up having a pretty good little run that lifted my spirits and made me hungry for some longer miles. 

I will follow up with a rest day tomorrow and another casual run on Wednesday. 

Once I flesh out my new training schedule for the next race I will post it so others can use it . 

Happy Running !

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